Characteristics of Social Group

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1.Two or more persons – The first feature of a group is that it is necessary to have at least two persons.  No one can build a group alone.  When some people form a relationship together then a group is formed.  This is to say that when two or more people live, only then can they form a relationship and do mutual exchange.  In this context, Gillin and Gillin have also stated that “the basic characteristic of a group is the direct or indirect contact between two or more persons.”


  1. Functional Division – Each member in the group has its own position or position and its work is also fixed accordingly. According to these roles, all members participate in the group’s work.  The work of all the members in a group is not exactly the same, but they maintain the organization of their group through separate tasks.  All people perform different tasks and fulfill the objectives of the group.  Hence the division of functions is also found in the group along with a certain structure.


  1. Voluntary Membership– Group membership is optional. Different types of groups are found in our society.  The basis of formation of these groups varies.  Now it depends on the person which group and groups he will accept membership.  One acquires membership of the group as the person is interested.  Through each group, some tasks are done, they are also motivated by some goal.  Individuals become members of a particular group according to their desire and the goal they have.  The number of how many groups a person will become a member of is not limited.  It depends on the will of the person.  From time to time, as per their need and desire, the person leaves the membership of some group and also takes membership of some new group.

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  1. Group Norms and Values ​​- Each group has its own ideals and norms, which control and direct the behavior of the members. According to these rules, group members have to behave.  Normally these rules are not written but all the members are familiar with the rules of their group.


 5 Social Goals – Each group has a goal, which motivates some people to bind themselves together resulting in the formation of a group.  Some such summers are also held.  Zee MINDIs are charardhi, but there is a mutual correlation between their members and the same rules regulate the behavior of the members of the AAMERA group.  All these things for the group.


 6 Common Interest – The second feature of the group is general interest and common purpose.  Tomorrow, when the objectives of the people are normal, then they establish contact with each other.  People with unequal truths cannot form a group.  It is necessary to have some common interest, selfishness and purpose between them, which establish a mutual relationship.  This shows that a sense of equal selfishness is necessary for the group.  Necessary .

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  1. Reciprocal Relation – Until the realization of mutual duties between the individuals, then the relationship between them is not established. One to one group members. Some kind of social relation is definitely found.  The members of the group also exchange feelings, thoughts and actions between each other.  This happens not only from one side, but from both sides.  That is, each member of the group is influenced by each other and influences each other.


  1. Structure of the Group – Each group has its own structure. That is, the group has its own fixed structure.  Every person has a position in this structure and structure and according to that his work is also fixed.  Every person has a position in this structure and structure and according to that his work is also fixed.  As a result, there is a difference in position and position among the members of the group.  The structure of the group is prepared by all of them.


  1. Group is an Entity – A key feature of a group is that it has one entity. In front of this power, the person’s power becomes secondary.  A person considers his existence as secondary to the group.  The work which is not done by individual power is easily accomplished by the power of the group.  It is due to this characteristic that a person has respect for the group as an entity.  This group also increases strength and helps in giving it stability.  A concerete organization – A group is a tangible organization.  A group is a person’s organization, under which mutual exchange takes place between people.  Therefore, the collection of individuals can be seen and touched.  On this basis, the group is tangible.


 10 Unity in a Group – A sense of unity is found among the group members.  In the absence of a sense of unity, the group cannot achieve its goal.  All members of a group work closely with each other for the fulfillment of common interests and selfishness.  The work of all the members is divided, but they all work on unequal work, motivated by equal interest.  Thus a sense of unity is found among the members of a group.  This unity can be conscious and unconscious.


  1. Greater Permanency: Social groups are relatively more stable than other groups. Some groups are formed, which carry out the immediate task.  A close relationship between their members could not be formed.  The group is finished as soon as the work is done.  There are some groups that are relatively more permanent.  There is a mutual relationship between their members.  They help each other when it is time.  They are not so unstable as to end soon.  Social groups are formed for some time.  That is, there is definitely some period for him


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