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The association is formed to cater to any particular interest or interests.  There are associations like family, school, trade union, church (religious association), political party, state etc.  These are constructed for the fulfillment of special purposes.  For example, the purpose of school is teaching and vocational preparation.  Similarly, the purpose of trade union is to keep job security, proper wage rates, work conditions etc. right.  Organizations of litterateurs or mountaineers are also examples of the committee itself.  People in ordinary language use both the words Samiti and Sanstha to have the same meaning but it is wrong to do so. In Samajastika studies ‘Samiti and Sanstha’ are two important primary concepts.  It is necessary to know their scientific meaning, human needs are eternal.  He has always been trying to fulfill these needs.  mine

He has been making various efforts to fulfill the requirements so that he can exist.  Man fulfills his needs in three ways (i) through personal effort, that is, a person wants to fulfill his own needs.  For this, he neither struggles nor collaborates with individuals or groups.  (ii) Conflict, that is, a person struggles with other individuals or groups to fulfill his needs.  (iii) In collaboration, that is, he seeks cooperation from other individuals or groups to fulfill his needs and also supports others.  This approach is based on a spirit of mutual cooperation.  The committee is formed by this method.  This is to say that when some individuals create an organization for the fulfillment of a specific purpose, then this organization is called a committee.


 Meaning and Definition of Association

Many sociologists have given definitions regarding the committee:


 Ginsberg wrote, “The association is a group of social individuals, who collaborate with each other to form organizations to achieve their specific objectives.”

“According to Gillin and Gillin,” a  association is a group of individuals organized to serve a specific purpose or objectives and organized by validated or accepted practices and practices.

 Olsen, defining it, wrote, “The committee is a particular form of social organization, which are thoughtfully constructed to achieve relatively few specific and limited goals.”

In the words of Makeiver and Page, “A committee is a group of individuals organized to serve a common purpose or objectives.”

According to Bogardus, “committee is often called to work together with individuals for the purpose.”

Various scholars have given some importance in their definitions.  For example, Maciver and Page have defined the committee as a group in its definition that serves the objectives of the people.  Bogardus in his definition has highlighted the working of people together.  That is, work is done in collaboration with the committee.  Similarly, Zinsberg said that social animals in the committee are related to each other and form organizations to achieve the goals, ie cooperation has also been given importance here.  Gillin and Gillin pointed out that the committee uses a recognized and accepted methodology or practice to achieve its goals.  That is, it should be accepted by the society.  Olsen said the committee is purposefully constructed.  That is, when people form an organization thoughtfully to achieve goals, then that organization is called a committee.  After understanding the perspectives and views of all the above scholars, we come to the conclusion that the committee is a group of individuals, its organization is for some specific purposes.


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Characteristics Of Association


  1. Association has specificpurpose – The organization of the committee is for the fulfillment of a certain purpose. When certain people work together with the characteristics of a committee for certain purposes, such a group is called a committee.  The composition of the committee is based on interests and objectives.  In the absence of this, no group can be called a committee.  Unless the interests and purpose of some people are the same, people will not work together.  group) For example, when there is a flood or drought in an area, some people want to help these people.  The same.  A committee is formed with the purpose and people go to the said victim places and help them.  For this purpose, they collect money and goods by many means.  , So that those victims can be protected.  Thus something special.  The committee is formed for the purpose.  purpose) Membership of the committee depends on the will of the person.  when
  2. Voluntary membership: An organization is formed for the fulfillment of certain objectives, then it depends on the desire of the person whether he will take membership or not. When the purpose of the committee is favorable to the interest and interest of the person, then only he accepts the membership of that committee, otherwise not.  When a person accepts membership of the committee, then he also has to accept his terms.  Thus we see that the membership of the committee depends entirely on the will of the individual. Each committee has its own rules and manner of behavior according to which its members act.  The organization of the committee is thoughtful and rules are made in relation to it.  It is mandatory for its members to work according to the rules.  By these rules, the behavior of the members is controlled.  The rules of the committee can be both written and unwritten.  Only by following these rules can the committee become possible.  If everyone starts working on an arbitrary basis, the committee will not be able to achieve its objectives.
  3. Formal relations among the members – There is a formal relationship between the members of the committee. Its members work together and cooperate to achieve their interests and objectives.  This is to say that the members of the committee establish relations with each other only after keeping in mind the goals and interests.  Once the goals and interests are met, there is no relationship between them.  The same person can be a member of various committees to fulfill their different needs and objectives.  But there is no close relationship between different members of different committees.  A formal relationship is found between them.
  4. Temporary in nature -Association is of temporary nature. The organization of the committee is only for the fulfillment of certain objectives and interests.  When these objectives and interests are met, the committee breaks down.  For example, in times of floods and droughts, a committee is formed to help their victims.  When their difficulties are reduced, then this committee is no longer needed and it ends.  The members of the committee are also not permanent.  Their officials keep changing.  But some committees continue to function indefinitely.  Despite the change in the internal system, their structure remains.  Nevertheless, most committees are temporary in nature.

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5.Association is an organized group – A committee is an organized group of individuals.  Unless there is an organization among individuals, their group cannot be called a committee.  In this, the position and function of each person is fixed and there are rules and methods related to which their activities take place.  Due to the qualities of the organization in the committee, it is possible to achieve any objective and goal.  In the modern and complex society, various tasks are done by the organization of the committee.

  1. Consciously organized – The organization of the committee is not sudden or sudden. Some people consider it for its organization, then a committee is formed.  When a problem – or event – is present, some people think about it.  After deliberations, a committee is organized, so that the tasks and objectives can be accomplished.  That is to say, the committee is organized after deliberation to achieve goals and interests.
  2. Concrete Organization – Since sanity is a group of people, it is a tangible organization. Its members can be seen and touched directly.  It is not as abstract as society.  Society is formed by social relations, so it cannot be seen and touched directly.  In contrast, the committee is made up of the organization of the individual and hence it is a tangible organization.


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8.Heirarchy of status and power – Different members have their own power and status under a committee.  Yes, it works.  There is a correlation between them.  There are many types of cross-relationships in the committee.  There are many types of officials in the committee.  Work is divided between them, only then the committee is able to function effectively.  These officials have some names, which shows their authority, authority and status.  It is clear from this that the rights and duties of the members and office-bearers of the committee vary.


  1. Name and symbol – The important feature of the committee is its name and nature. Each committee has a name and some symbolic signs and symbols.  There is a sense of different committee with different names.  These committees keep flag, color, marka and seal-stamp etc. for their identity, which gives them special knowledge on seeing them.  Like the symbol of life insurance corporation, hands on both sides of the burning lamp.  That is, when we see this symbol, there is a sense of life insurance.


  1. Association is a Means not an End – A ssociation is formed to fulfill certain objectives and interests. That is, through the committee, we fulfill our goals and interests.  The creation of committees is not the ultimate objective of the individual, but through it we fulfill our objective.  That is to say, the committee is the instrument and not the provable.  We are members of a committee so that we can fulfill our goals and interests through it.  The committee itself is not practicable.

Examples of Association– Many types of associations are found in society, such as social, political, economic and cultural committees.  Sometimes a conflict arises in relation to a group or organization whether it is called a committee or a community.  There are some fundamental differences between the committee and the community.  Many committees can be established under the community.  In relation to this, Makeiver has said that the committee is not a community, but an organization within the community itself.  (Anassociation is not a community butanorganization withinacommunity.) As such, a village is a community and many types of committees are found within it.  Here in relation to the organization group, it will be considered whether they are considered as a committee or not.  Family for example.  state .  College, Fatball Team etc.  Some of these committee’s and some of the community’s characteristics are seen.  Therefore, after their deliberation it will be clear whether it is an association or not.


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In relation to the family, some scholars say that it is an association and some people who consider it as a committee, say that the person spends his entire life in the family.  The person lives in the family from birth to death.  From this point of view the family is a community.  The elements of community in the family are clearly visible on the primitives.  Tribal societies have cars of all life.  But this is only true for primitive or backward society.  This is not true for Adhinik’s family.  Quotations have become so much that their fulfillment in a family has become so high in the modern age that one has to become a member of other committees for the character to be cast.  Is not possible.  The time of other committees to fulfill their needs, in the present era, the family has been recognized only for the fulfillment of certain objectives.  Family Many of its works are being done by other institutions and committees.  People also have to depend on other committees.  Therefore, today the family is serving some special purposes.  The family is a committee from this point of view.


Confusion also arises regarding whether there is a state association or not.  Some scholars state that the state is a community.  The state has a fixed territory.  Its membership is mandatory.  A person’s entire life is spent under the state.  But some scholars do not take this view.  These people say that the state is a committee.  The state is established thoughtfully.  The state has to make laws and regulations to run the government.  The state regulates the behavior of individuals through rules and laws and fulfills its objectives.  The state is related to the political life of the person.  McIver states that ‘as a form of state social organization, there is a committee similar to the church and business club.  ‘It is clear from all these things that the state is a committee.  But it is also true that the state is different from other committees.

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