Corruption in public life

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Corruption in public life


 The corruption prevailing in the public life of the present society is the result of modern conditions.  With the growth of Sambhaya, the field of social needs and interactions and competition is increasing day by day and along with it corruption is also manifesting in its multiple macabre form in public life.  That is why in newspapers every day we see news of adulteration by traders, black marketing, immorality in the speculative market, bribery in public works department, black exploits of doctors and lawyers, tax evasion by industrialists, illegal trade etc.  See you  These are all forms or forms of corruption prevalent in public life.  But in this regard, it will be more useful to understand the meaning of corruption before doing any further investigation.  The word corruption is used in a very wide sense.  These include round-the-clock and political commissions by political parties, irregularities committed by high officials, bribes by policemen, breaking laws by educated people, etc.  Sometimes the word ‘Graft’ is used in place of the word ‘corruption’.


 Unreasonable gain means gain by breaking the rules by corrupt means, whereas corruption, according to Sir Elliot and Merrill, is to gain any direct or indirect benefit.  Do not deliberately follow poetry.  Corruption is always an act done against the law and society for any apparent or unclear benefit.  “A corrupt person fosters a sense of loyalty to cooperation, service duties and the rule of law, only to maximize his own interests. Corruption has no limits – from political and public servants to businessmen, doctors, nerves and priests.  It has its own area.



  Causes of Corruption


There can be many reasons for corruption, but the following reasons are particularly notable among them:


 The fulfillment of self-interest is the first and foremost cause of corruption. Modern materialistic civilization has made people extremely selfish.  Each person fulfills his or her selfishness to the maximum, whether it is in a proper way or in an inappropriate manner.  This self-interest encourages corruption on both sides.  For example, a contractor bribes an officer of the Public Works Department (PWD.) Because it will be possible to fulfill his interests only after receiving the contract, and the officer takes the bribe because he gets the hard work and his financial condition  – Goes higher.


 Rule – Lack of knowledge regarding law also encourages corruption.  The general public, especially the illiterate, does not have the knowledge of the realities of the rule of law and the same ignorance is availed by lawyers, police court officials, clerks of government offices, etc. and they make money by manipulating the law.


  Law’s own shortcomings also promote corruption.  Many laws are such that there can be many ways to avoid them.  People related to the law take full advantage of this situation and they take money from merchants etc. by telling them the shortcomings and help the traders to take unfair advantage.


   The desire to stay away from the mess of the court also becomes a reason for corruption.  People want to avoid court proceedings and the problems arising out of it and that’s why they are police officers.  Excise officers, tax officers, bribes to customs officers want to get rid of their chase from the courts.


   Commercial advertising has also become a cause of corruption.  Snapping – People can make money by fooling people through provocative and flashy advertisements, this is known today by everyone.  Advertisements showing the greed for the means of receiving letters to the childless parents for only ten rupees or the service of the unhappy parents for only five rupees, or only five rupees, we see daily in newspapers, magazines etc.  These are the ways to cheat all the people.


   Materialistic ideals have also promoted corruption.  Materialism gives great importance to the importance of things of wealth, wealth and other enjoyment.  Those who have these things also have high social status and dignity.  Therefore, ‘want more and more money’ is the highest aspiration of modern human beings, whether that money is earned legally or illegally.  Corruption is another name for making money illegally.  The temple priest also takes away most of the offerings brought by the devotees in order to make more money, offering them to the goddesses, collecting them and then selling them to the nearby shopkeepers.  Those shopkeepers then sell those offered offerings again to their customers.


   Highly competitive: Another notable cause of corruption.  In today’s yoga, in every field, especially in the political and economic field, when people are not able to succeed according to rules and laws, in the race to swallow each other’s competition, they do not hesitate to adopt corrupt measures.  A wrong belief has developed in these people.  That there is nothing inappropriate in politics and business like love;  Success in these is not possible on the basis of honesty and honest behavior.  This perverted ideal encourages corruption.


   The cooperation of high officials also helps in spreading and maintaining corruption.  High level government officials, members of the Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha and Ministers etc. have active cooperation with certain types of criminals, businessmen, industrialists, smugglers, merchants etc. who give them money or at the time of election with their own mind and wealth  Let’s help him.  Under the shadow of these high officials, corruption people carry out their black exploits fearlessly.


  Changed political and governmental structures are also a reason for corruption.  In the modern era, large political organizations have developed, but the code of conduct required to control them is still lacking today.  Therefore, the party in whose hands political power comes, uses the government machinery for self and means of its own party.  Many politicians, high officials, backers, industrialists.  The Minister, Members of Parliament, achieve their self-interest under the cover of their N N OTE, while the general public gets the same amount as the government provides.  On the other hand, bureaucracy administration has also encouraged corruption.  Ministers etc. keep changing fast and there is a lack of all their strengths.  Hence it does for.  Even today, the conduct of ma conduct has to be completely dependent on bureaucratic officials like secretaries etc.  These officials take full advantage of the ignorance of the ministers to fulfill the maximum of their selfishness in every proper and unintended manner.


 Variation of population is also a reason for corruption.  There are many people living in large communities who do not know each other at all.  Hence, they do not develop a sense of brotherhood and they do not feel ashamed to strangle each other, in the same way one may be hesitant to rub off an acquaintance, but it becomes easier to take a bribe from an unknown person.


 The formation of big businessmen and politicians also promotes corruption.  These businessmen or industrialists continue to help the politicians in various ways to take unfair advantage, license etc. and if their party wins the election then all the cost is recovered in a few days.This alliance has corruption worth crores of rupees.  And the general public has to bear its burden.





 Different Types of Corruption in India

Daily newspapers tell us about the various forms of corruption prevalent in Indian folk life, which is so much that their complete description is not possible in one chapter.  can .  The report published from time to time by the Special Police Establishment, Delhi, shows that engineers, directors of supplies and disposals, ministers, are involved in cases of adultery, corruption, or illegal acts.  Army reduction officers, Forest officers, Import and Export Dapartment, Public Works Department officers, Income-tax and Sales-tax officers are more.  It means to say that in almost every sphere of life corruption is rampant.  In order to know the outline of corruption in Indian social life, we also have to know their different forms or forms, one of which is clear from the following description.


  Corruption in industrialists can be seen in industrialists.  The job of these industrialists is to earn money by financially exploiting the workers in many ways.  Based on a recent study by a scholar, it has been found that many industrialists are guilty of false advertising, patent tedmark and copy right violations, unfair labor-related work, economic fraud and betrayal and violations of war-related rules.  Based on the study of this scholar, it has been found that these industrialists are owned by


The members of the executive of the Coritions themselves used to take sufficient funds as bonuses and the Share Holders did not get any benefit.  In the annual report, the public was cheated by printing false things regarding the financial condition of the corporation.  False statements were published in advertisements.  In general, even through inspection, we see many types of corruption in this industrialist class.  Economic exploitation of workers is the main.  They do not leave even child and women workers.  They too are not given proper salaries and are to be denied social security benefits.  Nahargarth, do not have to give maternity benefit to the industry as soon as we get the news of the pregnant woman labor in India. 

Similarly, when the kumaris get married, they expel them or threaten that they will be fired if they seek benefits.  The same thing can be said in relation to giving compensation to workers in case of an accident, etc. The owners try their best to avoid paying compensation.  Workers are threatened by being fired if they ask for damages.  Sometimes, by giving very small amount, they get a signature or a thumb on the receipt to get the fair amount of Hajni.  In seasonal factories, accidents are quietly suppressed.  Apart from the above, these classes also dishonest in other ways, which is another form of corruption.  By paying less wages of workers, they get more money receipts from them.  Also, they are ignorant of government regulations related to labor.  Threatens to expel them from work to talk.  Not only this, these industrialists also try to cheat the people and the government in many ways.  Many industrialists secretly send goods made in their mills or factories to Pakistan or other countries.


 Corruption in Big Businessmen- Most members of the prestigious business class of this country are victims of corruption.  Illegal competition, untruths, patent trademarks and violation of the laws of coffee rights, adulteration and black marketing are done by the big traders of this country.  Often we get to read such news in newspapers that reputed traders have been caught for these black exploits.  But the matter progresses there and very few traders get punished.  In times of war like objection, traders do not desist from their antics and produce artificial shortage of goods in the country so that prices rise and they get a lot of economic benefit.  When the country is attacked by foreign enemies and the crisis is clouded, these merchants also market black, sell fake medicines and make inadvertent adulteration of food and drink.  Recently, the owner of a flour mill in Bareilly was caught in the crime of selling flour or mud mixed with flour.  A mushroom confectioner was caught red-handed using grease instead of tetghidhee.  Moreover, even in Delhi, a good sweet shopkeeper was caught for using blotting paper between layers of cream.  These are very simple examples of adulteration.  Now you cannot find any item pure in the market.  These traders have found a substitute for each item.  Peanuts are used in place of almonds and walnuts.  Milk is sold only after removing butter.  Sweet potato is added to the khoya.  Getting pure ghee is a very difficult task.  This is adulteration.  The public is misled by putting an untrue mark on things.  An organization of Sindhis in a Ullasnagar in Bombay produces many items which are extremely inferior in quality but are ‘Made in U.’  S.  A.  It is written.  Poor people consider them to be American.  The police is lured by saying that U.  S.  A.  Means Ullasnagar Sindhi Association ‘.  These are some examples of corruption.  Not only this, it is a common occurrence by big businessmen to defraud the government in terms of income – tax or sales – tax and lose millions of rupees.  It is said about some big industrialists that they have appointed Retired Income Tax Officer only because they have given necessary measures to avoid income tax.  Huh .


 Corruption in Contractors -The hunters of four are also mostly contractors in this country.  In this country, seniority, cement, paper, mines, ports industries and the state and central public works departments (P.W.D).  M .  E.  s .  (M. E. S.), And most of the work in the railway department is done through contractors.  These contractors heavily bribe the concerned authorities to take their favorable contracts;  And then recover the money or fourfold from the business of the contract.  Therefore, whatever work the contractor does is contrary to the rules of the contract, but the inspecting officers also take the bribe and pass the work made by the contractor.  This is the reason that the bridges, dams, factories etc. built in this country die before their fixed time.  Now the Nanak Sagar Dam, which was built at a cost of millions, broke down.  All this is due to corruption of contractors.  Not only this, all the overseers and engineers etc. get a certain percentage of commission from the contractors, who give the contractor only after the measurement, although it is not easy to estimate the huge loss to the nation.  is .  Even this knowledge is known to the ministers, but the interesting thing is that no action is taken.  These contractors are also victims of corruption from the point of view of welfare and welfare of workers. 

They take maximum work from the workers by paying the least salary and also do not give any compensation in case of accident etc.  Sometimes, to avoid the responsibility of paying compensation after a fatal accident, the contractors make the workers’ bodies disappear.  Many contractors lend money to workers and trap them in the debt trap and then exploit them financially and morally.  Moral exploitation especially of women and laborers happens and they have to be sold to their honor.  Not only this, the male worth of lakhs of rupees, such as cement, iron and other similar valuable and rare items, these contractors sell in the black market, so that they benefit themselves by doing double damage to the government.  This class tries to benefit itself in many other wrong ways.





   Government officers and Corruption- There will probably not be any exaggeration in this statement that as much corruption in the country is engulfed in the government class, perhaps not in any other class.  Almost every direct act, directly or indirectly, is the responsibility of a government official.  Corruption in government officials is in the form of bribes or bribes.  It is said that if only government officials become honest, then most of the disease called corruption may be cured.  Government officials take bribes at every level, receive favors and receive services from criminals in other ways.  In taking this bribe, he encourages the criminals to commit crime and on the other hand, seeing the criminal committing the crime, they do not hold them or leave the bribe after getting caught.  That is why professional thieves continue to do their work by bribing a government official, the contractor gets a favorable contract by bribing, getting his wrong bill passed easily by paying a government commission.  Trade, gambling bases, illegal liquor trade, smuggling trade and brothels are run by many unscrupulous officials and officers, keeping these government officials happy. 

A person who violates the traffic rules also redeems himself by keeping two or four rupees in the hands of the policeman.  Not only this, many types of white collar criminals keep their relation with government officials by giving regular sightings, etc. so that they can never be caught like, such an elite criminal doing an immoral business such as a police officer, government lawyer,  The judge maintains a close relationship with the Adi, who takes the cloak etc. and makes it work.  This has happened. Another aspect of corruption among government officials is that now OTES is missing.  Nothing happens from an officer to an office peon.  From officer to officer will not work for you.  See the specimen of this disease in a few courts.  See the value of justice there.  The peon, who gets a nominal 50 rupees monthly there, bothered the client so much that he got sick.  Your name will be spoken only when you put ‘some’ tip on his hand, Sana will delay it.  And you will find a similar map in higher level bureaucracy.  Everyone easily gets his or her own work done – if he / she smacks.  You can travel in the rail without any fear of tickets.  Yes, half of the ticket must be paid to the ticket checker.  Just think how heavy the nation suffers due to this.  And this is just one example.  How many people suffer from this kind of corruption, ask this from the heart of the public!


  Doctor and Corruption -The doctor class is also not backward in the field of corruption.  A large amount of corruption is visible in this class.  A doctor has a social reputation.  At the same time, people also respect and trust the doctor as a disease-free and thus giving new life.  Doctors who misuse this respect and trust are also not lacking in society.  If a person wants to kill a relative in the greed to get property, the doctor can help him and give slow-working poison to that relative or kill him by injection etc.  .  It is the profession of many doctors to help in illegal abortions.  For this, they charge several hundred rupees as fee from the party concerned. 

By giving false certificates, the doctor can save the culprit from going to the gallows.  Doctors also help to prove the culprit is innocent by printing the reality in the postmortem report.  Similarly, to verify that the offender was not at the scene at the time of the incident, the doctors forged the name of the offender in the registers of their clinic that two – four days before the incident took place and of that incident  Two or ten days later, he was admitted to Dr. Saheb’s clinic as a criminal patient.  Criminals are also released from this.  In addition, doctors also corruption by falsely writing prescriptions to alcoholics and those who use narcotics. 

Some doctors also employ brokers to trap the patient.  Similarly, there is agreement among some doctors that if required, they will give their patients to each other.  According to this agreement, a doctor self-treats a patient for two to four days and then states that the disease needs the advice of another doctor for proper treatment.  He himself suggests who this other doctor will be.  In this way, by paying double fees to the patient, he is exploited more and more financially.  Not only this, there are many doctors who first give such a medicine to the patient so that he can get relief immediately and then by creating confidence in this way that the patient gets better and then let the merge heal very slowly  Huh .  There is something else in the big cities.  Some such doctors are also found here who make false bills from the false disease of government employees.  This leads to loss of several crores of rupees annually to the nation.  

There is no place for how dishonest the members of the managing committee of these institutions are in cases.  It is a common thing for those members to not pay salaries of teachers for months, get them signed for less than their salary and take inappropriate services.  In some institutions, even thousands of rupees are embezzled.  Regarding the appointment of teachers or teachers, there is no account of the misconduct in these schools.  The candidate, who has some kind of relationship with the members of the managing committee, is mostly appointed.  Even if a person is appointed for a particular reason, then it becomes difficult for him to continue his job without any source or ‘flashing’ of the members of the managing committee.


Religious Institutons and Corruption: The big elite criminals do not hesitate to take the most corrupt actions in the name of religion.  The pilgrims visiting the shrine are severely exploited by the Pandas in the name of religion.  Many examples have been found that the person was frightened that if he does not donate such a thing, his son will die tomorrow.  Incidents of live animals, even individuals being burnt, bitten and sacrificed, are found today.  Not only this, the honor of mothers and sisters is also robbed in these religious places under the guise of religion, which is a deep blemish and shameful thing for the entire human race.  Similarly, corruption and adultery continue in the guise of religion in many other ways.  Devadasi practices are a sample of this type of corruption.


  Politics and Corruption- We also do not see less corruption in politics.  Politics is proving to be harmful rather than proving beneficial for the country.  Today, politics has become just a means of fighting – quarrels, riots – conflicts and personal gains.  In politics today, there is no such thing as a character.  Everyone will agree that at the present time the character level of political leaders is falling in the TO REDMIN greed, they do not hesitate to be a member of any political party at any time.  Some individuals or MLAs remain independents only because of the fact that a party will be ruling.  They will accept his membership, so that they too get a good position and get a chance to earn money.  Nowadays the tendency to change parties is a common symptom of political corruption.  The common form of corruption by Ministers, Members of Parliament etc. is that they give undue patronage to specific people and its objective is to get maximum votes at the time of elections.  They promise to get more and more votes in return for jobs, licenses, permits, etc.  License to set up large industries or to be given a permit to buy various types of things or to appoint his own siblings or brother-in-law to higher positions are only a few ‘trivial’ examples of corruption prevalent in political life.





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