Caste and class

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  There are many theories about the construction of the word ‘caste’.  The classical country of caste is India.  In context, the word ‘caste’ in Hindi is derived from the ‘Jan’ metal in Sanskrit, which means ‘to be born’ or ‘to generate’.  Thus, things with the same quality – religion from birth are called a … Read more


  Kinship literally means relationship.  This relationship can only occur between two or more persons.  Members of society are tied to various relationships.  These include blood relations, marriage and distant relations.  When these relations have received social recognition, then it is called kinship system.  Each adult person belongs to two families,   First  Family  Of … Read more


  Marriage has different objectives in different societies: as in Christianity, the main purpose is sexual satisfaction, then in Hindu society, to protect religion or to perform religious rituals, the purpose of marriage in Muslim societies is to give birth to a legitimate progeny, while the tribal purpose  Living together is a social compromise.  But … Read more


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There is no society in the world where there is no family name.  It is definitely found in some form in every society.  Whatever needs of human beings are fulfilled by family, it is not possible by other groups or institutions.  This is why man feels the need of family and stays in the family.  … Read more

  Unity in Diversity in Indian Society

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      Integration in historical diversity – India has been a center of attraction for foreigners since time immemorial.  Due to its natural splendor, wealth, wealth and fame, foreigners cannot give up the temptation to come to India.  As a result, foreigners continued to visit Yen-Cane in India.  Some were looted and many people … Read more

Characteristics Of Indian Social Organization: New Bases

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  Over time, the basis of Indian social organization also changed and many new oils were developed.  With the passage of time, the needs and experiences of the people with historical background also change.  As a result new ways of behaving develop.  Presently, due to industrialization, urbanization, western civilization and culture, modern education and new … Read more

Traditional Basis of Hindu Social Organization

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  About four thousand years ago in Hindu society, some social thinkers realized that progress of individual and society is not possible until people are made aware of the basic facts of life, till they are informed about their duties.  Is not done and until no motivation is provided to them to fulfill their obligations.  … Read more