Social Disorganization

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  Social Disorganization as a Process-

Mr. Nieumeyer wrote that “social disintegration is not just an unbalanced state.  Is because it is primarily a process.  Therefore, it expresses the events and events that.  That impede the natural functioning of individuals and groups.  “This statement. The following deliberation will make it even more clear. When we do that social disintegration is a process, it implies that social disintegration is a transitional state, not a constant or final state of social disintegration, a continuation of change.  There is no time when there is no disintegration and there will be no time when its movement will stop – this is a continuous change in the already existing powers within itself.  It can be said that some such factors or powers are always active in the society, due to which, at any time, 100 percent balance and order is not seen in the social structure.  There is always a situation of disturbances or disturbances or power, struggle, excessive competition, division of labor, social discrimination etc


Concept of Social Disorganization


Symptoms of Social Disorganization Just as some symptoms of physical conditions can be told by which disease is going to surround the body, thus social conditions also have some symptoms based on which social  The state of disintegration can be identified.  Chief among them are


 Conflict of mores of institutions – Within the social structure, stereotypes and institutions have an important place and it is necessary for social organization to work collaboratively in a mutually related manner.  When this does not happen, only then does a situation of social disintegration arise.  For example, church, school, government, marriage etc. are important institutions of the society and each of them has some relation to the stereotypes which not only set the standards and objectives of these institutions but also in a formula  She also gives a dam.  When this formula is broken and the mutual unity of social institutions is destroyed, that state will be a major symptom of social disintegration.


 Transfer of function from one group to another – Each society has separate committees to cater to different needs of human beings.  What are the tasks to be done in the social structure of each of these committees.  This is determined by social tradition, rules or rules.  Sustainability of a social organization depends on the fact that each committee is doing its own pre-determined tasks and does not interfere unnecessarily in each other’s work.  But when the situation is contrary, then the symptoms of social disintegration also become apparent.  The reason for this is also clear, when a committee’s work is transferred to another committee or other committees take over those tasks then a tense situation arises, which is a symptom of social disintegration.  Not only that, neither the committees nor the members of the society are able to adapt themselves suddenly due to the new situation that arises as a result of this type of transfer of work.  As a result a disturbance situation arises.  This is a clear symptom of social disintegration.


   Individualistic ideals – When members of society continue to fulfill their personal interests without worrying about the interest of the group, then the situation of social disintegration is not delayed.  The reason for this is that when the individualistic ideal appears in its bitter form, then there seems to be a race among all the people for the most fulfilling of their own interests and in that race, by adopting all the appropriate and unfair measures, each person is ahead of the other  Tries to leave  When individual selfishness becomes supreme for the members of a society, collective or common objectives are not met.  Obstruction of the fulfillment of common objectives is a clear symptom of social disintegration.  (


  Decline of consensus – When there is extreme divergence of opinions in most of the members of the society and they do not apply any common effort to the common subjects of social life, then that situation is a symptom of social disorganization because of such a situation.  Meaning is harmony of equality.  Stability of social organization is not possible without consensus.  If the members of the society think about the topics related to social life differently, and define them in a different way, then there will be no delay in the situation of tension and conflict in the society.


  Lesser effectiveness of social control – Different means of social control control the behavior of individuals and groups within a limit so that they do not obstruct the actions of others.  – Keep doing your fixed tasks.  But when these means of control fail to act effectively, then social disintegration is certain, because at that stage every part of the society, individual or group can feel arbitrary in their own self-interest.  It is known that there is a lot of mutual conflict in it and social balance deteriorates soon.


Fast speed of social change – When social change begins to happen at a very fast pace, social disintegration occurs even then.  The reason for this is that along with these rapid changes, it becomes necessary that the positions and functions of individuals and committees also change at a rapid pace accordingly.  But it is not possible for every committee and individual to change themselves so quickly and social disintegration starts when they are not able to change themselves according to the changed conditions.





  Mr. Faris has mentioned eight signs of social disorganization which are as follows –

 (1) formalism,

 (2) degradation of sacred elements,

  (3) individuality of interests and tastes,

 (4) Emphasis on personal freedom and rights (5) Emphasis on hedonic behavior,

 (6) population heterogeneity,

  (7) mutual distrusts, and

  (8) Unrest phenomena.






  Types of Social Disorganization


The type of social disintegration can be divided into four major parts.  This division does not hold any special significance, because one form cannot be completely separated.  This classification is done simply for the sake of simplicity.

  1. Individual Disorganization – This includes personal problems such as adolescent problems, child crime, other forms of crime, gender related crimes, prostitution, alcoholism, insanity and suicide etc.

  2 .  Family Disorganization – This includes family related disruption such as indiscipline in the family, family tensions, separation of marital problems etc.

  1. Community Disorganization – By community disorganization, we mean social disorganization that is particularly related to the whole community.  Examples of this are political corruption, crime, unemployment, poverty, religion and other grounds of oppression and atrocities, commercial entertainment etc.
  2. National – International Disorganization – This includes revolution, war, imperialism, totalitarianism etc.  The disruption generated at home and abroad can be kept here.





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