Leadership   Leaders  is an important for every society, institution, organization and country. The leader is held responsible for its operation and organization at each level of the social organization. The leader is also a member of the group. He influences the group to a greater extent through his characteristics and behaviours. How … Read more

Attitude Measurement

Attitude Measurement   As mentioned earlier, attitude has three elements – cognitive, affective and behavioural. Out of these, direct information about cognitive and affective elements cannot be obtained. In the measurement of attitude, these elements are often estimated, what the person says and does? It is based on this. Paper and pencil scales are prominent … Read more


Attitude   Nature of attitude Most of the socio-psychologists consider the important role of attitude in the determination of social behavior. The common man also believes that persons, things. He has clear attitudes towards groups. Despite being the central and most researched subject of social psychology for a long time, the question of the nature … Read more

What is prejudice

    What is prejudice The English word for the word Prejudice  is derived from the Latin word ‘Prejudicium’ which means – the decision which is based on prior decisions. In the English language, the meaning of this word is decided. That is, a decision made before the required examination of the facts – an … Read more

Need for publicity

Need for publicity Publicity   Emotional reactions are associated with the word ‘propaganda’ in the English language. It is seen as a fraudulent, misleading, exorbitant and unethical process. It is considered to be a means which is used to mislead the indecisive masses by immediate-perfect ideas. In this chapter, we aim to analyze the process … Read more

Leadership and public opinion

  Leadership and public opinion   Leaders play an important role in the formation of public opinion. They explain a problem. People may have some frustrations or some anxieties. It is only the leader who articulates and crystallizes these faint yet strong feelings. For example, when Bal Gangadhar Tilak declared that “Swarajya is our birthright,” … Read more


SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Social psychology is often considered to be the study of the effects of other people on one’s thoughts, feelings and actions. In fact, the sensitivity of a person towards other people makes his behavior social. By the way, there is hardly any such behavior in which a person does not come in direct … Read more