Education, inequalities and Social justice:

Education, inequalities and Social justice: 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS • Concept of Educational Equity • Opportunities, Education and Inequalities: • Caste, class, tribe, gender, rural-urban, education and social • mobility • Education for Equality-Disparities: Excerpts from Education Policy • Education for women’s equality: • Education of Scheduled Castes: • Education of Scheduled Tribes: • Other Educationally … Read more

Importance of Demographics

Importance of Demographics What demographic are you related to? Has this topic been studied? What is the benefit of studying this topic? What is done in personality and social life. According to the status of PR. is a state of stability. Useful from social and personal point of view. Population per world search. As the … Read more

The Social System

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  ‘Social System’ is one of the most important concepts of Parsons’ sociological thought. This theory of social system has been developed in Parsons famous work “The Social System (1952)”: According to Talcott Parsons, reduced to the simple possible terms, a social system consists in a plurality of individual actors interacting with each other in … Read more

Type of culture

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Type of culture    Ogborn and Nimkoff discuss two types of culture –     Material culture and  non-material culture.   material culture Under the physical culture, it consists of all the physical and tangible things which have been created for humans, and which we can see and touch.  The number of material culture is … Read more

 The Structure Of Culture

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 The Structure Of Culture Culture Traits  2 .  Culture Complex Culture Pattern or Culture Configuration   Cultural Elements – Cultural elements are the smallest units of culture or solitary elements.  Culture is created by mixing these units.  Culture is created by mixing these units.  Harshkovits called the cultural element the smallest recognizable entity in a … Read more