What is Social Values

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Social Values


The study of values ​​is a matter of special importance in sociology.  A special branch of sociology is the ‘sociology of values’, which studies the relationship of values ​​and society.  Value is the basis of society.  The difference between human society and animal society is basically based on values.  Values ​​provide stability to society.  Changes in these bring changes in the society.  In Sociology, value is a kind of criterion, but ordinary standards are not called values.  Johnson is said to have high standards of quality.  Those standards which achieve an ideal status in society are called values.  With social value, we know which behavior is more expected of society.  Value is always associated with what is most important for society.  In other words, it can be said that the criteria which is most desirable for the society is called value.  Generosity, honesty, patriotism, truthfulness, humanity benevolence, charity, etc. are the values ​​which are good to hear, good to talk but are difficult to implement in your life.  In this way, social values ​​are the standards or assumptions based on which we justify the qualities, goals, means and feelings etc. of a person’s behavior, justified or unfair, good or bad.  Value is a type of social measurement or scale on which an object is valued.

As long as the social norms are treated, the system remains in the society, but when social norms are violated, then in the words of cruelty, an anomalous situation prevails in the society.  This is to say that there are social norms in that society, but their constant violation leads to a state of disrespect which leads to the creation of Sick Society.  Thus social norms are the backbone of any form of society.  Without social norms, the social structure cannot stand.

Kingsley Davis – “The social paradigm is a type of control.  Human society, under these same controls, controls the behavior of its members in such a way that they continue to serve as a means of meeting social needs, even if the animals are hindered by their zoological needs.  “•

Buds – Social paradigms are those that control human behavior, support the system and make prediction of behavior in a particular situation.  ‘

.  Kimbal Young – “Social norms are group expectations.”  ”

Birsted – “Social norms is a form of standardized practice.  It is the way of performing work which is accepted in our society.  “.

Haralambos – “A large number of instructions are found in every culture that direct behavior in specific circumstances. Such instructions are called norms.

Robert Birsted views social norms as a measure of social behavior.  Institutional and cultural modes of behavior are called social norms or norms.  This is similar to the backbone of society, in the absence of which no society can stand systematically.  In simple words, the rules of conduct in society are called social norms.


Feature – From a sociological point of view, values ​​can be defined as the criterion by which groups or societies decide the importance of individuals, paradigm objectives and other socio-cultural objects.  “Thus value is the social measure or scale on which an object is evaluated. Due to society and culture differences, social values ​​are also differentiated. For example, the value of sexual purity is found in India, so here  Except for husband and wife, sex is not allowed before marriage and after marriage. On the other hand, in many primitive societies, there is an exemption for sex before and after marriage.

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  Radhakamal Makarji (R. K. Mukerjee) work on values ​​is very important.  He has written a separate book on this, The Social Structure of Values, which is unique in itself.  Values ​​are those social standards or ideals or goals that explain the relationships and behaviors of human life.  For example, the value related to Hindu marriage is to get married in your caste and to consider marriage as a religious rite.  Consequently, the social impact of this value is that the feeling of separation between Hindus does not flourish. Some of the main definitions are as follows.

According to Radhakamal Mookerjee (R. K. Mukerjee), “Values ​​are the desires and goals recognized by society through the process of internalization learning or socialization and which become symbolic preferences, norms and aspirations.  “This definition of Mookerji makes it clear – (A) Value is an expression of universal human desire. (B) It is only with the help of values ​​that an individual tries to actualize his goals and desires. (C) values ​​socialize the person  Through the internalization of the different patterns of social life, relationships and institutions, we get to see,


In the words of Johnson (H. M. Johnson), “Value can be defined as an assumption or criterion that can be cultural or personal.  They compare items.  Accepted or Rejected – Compared to each other is considered fair or unfair, good or bad, right or wrong.  “In this definition,

These values ​​are learned and internalized by the process of socialization and thought to behave in accordance with the society. The values ​​and desires recognized by the society are through the process of learning or socialization, and which are natural preferences, normatively  Desires are formed.  ”


 – Social values ​​are social standards.

 There is a consensus among the group about social values.

 – Behind the social values, there are fervent emotions.

  – Social values ​​are dynamic

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Characteristics of Values


The existence of society is based on values.  Value is found in human zoological tendencies, basic tendencies, desires and interests.  Its nature can be understood more clearly through the following characteristics

 1 Dynamicity and Changeability: The properties of mobility and variability are found in values.  Under the influence of social change, the forms of values ​​change as necessary.  Sometimes new values ​​develop, sometimes the prevailing values ​​are modified and sometimes the values ​​of other culture are adopted.  For example, the value of equality between woman and man is today more important than typical.


  1. Cultural Element: The relation of values ​​to culture-specific can be seen. This is the reason why there are differences in the values ​​of two different cultures.  As such, the difference between the two societies is seen in the values ​​related to the mode of salutation.  Despite this, many values ​​are also found in society that apply to and influence all mankind.  Such as – Values ​​associated with honesty, work culture, truth and non-violence etc.


  1. Universality: Values ​​of universality are found in value. It is worldwide. It is taken help in achieving an objective.  The actions performed by a person are determined by the price itself.  Values ​​may vary in different societies, such as the separation between Hindus in India is not considered correct, whereas in American society it is considered correct.  Despite this, the essential part of the structure of every society is value.  Values ​​are social norms, which are helpful in defining the interrelations of social life.


  1. Symbols: Values ​​are expressed through symbols. All types of foundations are symbolic.  Acquisition of values ​​is possible only through symbols.  Clarifying the symbols, Mukerjee wrote, “Values ​​are the vehicle of communication and control of human relationships.  “The manifestation of the existence of society is only through values. As such, respect is the value of the mother and father. The symbol of this value is touching the service and stage of the parents.”


  1. Variability – Variation in social values ​​is found. Social values ​​are considered important for social welfare and social needs.

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