Urban Governance Five Year Plans Local Self Government

 Urban Governance: Five Year Plans, Local Self Government New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/   India is going through a phase of massive urbanization. The process of urbanization has concentrated in the developed areas leaving behind the backward states. Moreover, the big cities have registered higher growth than the smaller cities. Large municipal bodies with a strong economic … Read more


 Tourism New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/  Tourism is an activity involving a mix of physical and psychological factors. physical ones are housing, Transportation attractions and available entertainment. Psychological factors take into account a broad spectrum of attitudes and expectations. These attitudes and expectations vary from pure escapism, to dreams or fantasy, or to the fulfillment of leisure, … Read more

Consumerism And Leisure Time Activities

Consumerism And Leisure Time Activities New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/     Festivals: Commercialization, Secularization, Diffusion   To enable students to understand the unique urban cultural life. To provide knowledge about the changing trends and attitudes towards city festivals. To create awareness among students about the impact of commercial entertainment.   Urban culture, entertainment and consumerism have become … Read more

Noise And Air Pollution

Noise And Air Pollution New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/    Noise pollution:   Noise pollution is the loss of environmental quality of air by noise. noise can cause deafness physical changes Can cause tan, lead to emotional disturbances, interfere with work, cause accidents and cause birth defects in the unborn child. Many countries have noise control laws. … Read more

Urban Transport and Water Crisis

 Urban Transport; Water Crisis New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/  Generally defined, a transportation system is the sum of all technical devices and organizations designed to enable persons, goods, and news to master space. At any point in a civilization’s development, its form responds to a vast range of human economic, social, cultural, political and religious needs. In … Read more

 Urban Violence

 Urban Violence New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/   Introduction and Meaning: Slums can be defined as an environment that lacks the basic characteristics of good living conditions and is considered the worst form of human habitation. Increasing urban population due to push and pull factors, high cost of urban land, vested interests etc. are some of the major … Read more


Slums   Introduction, meaning and definitions of slums –   Slums have been accepted as a lived reality, an inevitable phenomenon with urban development in all capitalist countries. Slums are present in most cities of the world, whether in developed or developing countries.    The urban malaise of homelessness and man’s efforts to remedy it … Read more

Suburbanization Satellite Towns Rural-Urban Fringe Peri-Urbanisation 

Suburbanization, Satellite Towns, Rural-Urban Fringe, Peri-Urbanisation  The rapid growth of metropolitan cities has also brought about spatial dispersal of urban areas. Cities have expanded in an haphazard and unplanned manner into their surrounding rural areas. There is a reverse flow of people from the city to the rural areas. The agricultural land of peripheral villages … Read more


Migration New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/  It is only in recent decades that natural growth has taken an increasing role in accounting for urban population growth. Cities traditionally grew through migration, a geographic process, as death rates matched or exceeded birth rates in the past. In the past, it was migration that contributed to urban growth. Migration … Read more

History of Urban Sociology in India

History of Urban Sociology in India Ancient and Medieval Period, Colonial Period, post independence period      The history of Indian urbanization begins with the development of cities in ancient societies. It tells us about the origin of urban life in India. The ancient Indian urban life began when people started settling down at a particular … Read more

Development of Urban Sociology in India

Development of Urban Sociology in India New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/   The field of urban sociology was recognized within the formal discipline of sociology in the United States in the late 19th century. Till 1921 there was no less effort to make it a discipline. A systematic discipline of urban sociology came into existence only in … Read more

Basic Concepts In Urban Sociology

Basic Concepts In Urban Sociology New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/    Urban :- The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘urban’ as relating to the life of a city or town. The word urban is derived from the Latin word ‘arbus’ which means ‘city’. The concept of urban is almost universally understood as a large and densely settled … Read more

Urban Problems

Urban Problems New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/   Slums and Squatters; Slums are characterized by unhygienic housing conditions that have deteriorated or deteriorated due to lack of care. Squatting mostly occurs on marginal land and steep slopes which are not good for development. These areas have been encroached upon by encroachers and have erected structures using plastic … Read more

Urbanization In Developing Countries

 Urbanization In Developing Countries Several authors note that towns were known in Africa long before the start of the modern period. Urban centers like Meroe, Adulis, Axum were established long before Christ. Many ancient towns such as Mombasa, Mokwadisho, Benin emerged during the 7th to 10th centuries. Many famous urban centers of the past have … Read more

Functional Classification City

Functional Classification City New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/  Cities are settlements where many activities are carried out. In this sense all cities are multifunctional, however small they may be. It is possible to classify urban centers on the basis of the main activities they perform. economic center political center  Cultural Center Residential Center Recreation Center Symbolic Center … Read more

Rural Urban Difference

Rural-Urban Difference New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/      We can have at least eight characteristics in which an urban settlement differs from a rural settlement   Profession Environment Community Size Density of population Contrast and Uniformity Social differentiation and stratification Social Mobility Mode of Interaction   Occupation: There is a substantial difference between rural and urban … Read more

Subject Matter Of Urban Sociology

Subject Matter Of Urban Sociology New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/   Urban sociology is a branch of sociology that deals with the impact of city life on social action, social relations, social institutions and the types of civilization based on and derived from urban ways of life. Urban sociology examines a range of issues including:    … Read more


Westernization New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/   Concept: Westernization refers to the process of change that occurred in various aspects of Indian life, society and culture as a result of coming in contact with the western culture that the British rulers brought with them. Dr.M.N.Srinivas has written while explaining westernization, I have used the word westernization for … Read more


Industrialization New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/    Industrialization can be both a cause and a result of urbanization. It is often seen that where industries flourish and machines are produced in big mills and factories, the process of urbanization is active there, many cities in India have developed in the same way. In this sense, industrialization is … Read more


Urbanization New Sociology https://motivatives.com/about-us/2023-new-sociology-complete-solutions/ Concept: It is difficult to give a definite definition of a city. Broadly, it can be said that a city is a community of social differences where secondary groups, controls, industry and trade, dense population and impersonal relations predominate. So we can say that a city is a community that has … Read more