What is Socialization

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Man keeps on learning something from birth to death.  When a person is born, at that time it is just a living effigy of flesh and flesh.  At birth, it has social qualities and not antisocial.  He does not even have the idea of ​​his body.  The only reason for this is that ‘self’ does not develop in it.  But gradually he becomes a social animal, moving between society and culture.  That is, a person learns to behave according to the traditions, stereotypes, beliefs, customs of the society.  In this way, the process by which biological being turns into social being is called socialization.  Through this process man learns the norms of the society and according to them

Becomes an active member of society by displaying behavior.  The process of socialization takes place in every society, whether it is a civilized society in America or an uncultured wild race.  It is through this that a person’s personality is developed.  Different sociologists have explained the process of socialization in different ways.

  According to Johnson, “Socialization is a learning process by which an individual performs social roles.”  In this definition Johnson has shown that a person learns the values, ideals, customs of society and performs his roles and contributes to social work.


 According to Fichtor, “Socialization is the process by which one accepts paradigmatic patterns of social behavior and learns to adapt from them.” Like Johnson, Fixtor has described socialization as the process of adsorption.

  According to Kuppuswamy, ‘Socialization is an interactive process by which a child’s behavior is transformed and conforms to the expectations of the members of the group to which he or she belongs.

 According to Bogardus, “Socialization is the process of working together, developing a sense of collective responsibility and being guided by the need for the welfare of others.” – Bogardus, in his definition, emphasizes the interactive effect in the process of socialization.  But in this he has emphasized only positive initiatives. That is, he only published virtues under socialization. This is the biggest weakness of Bogardus’s definition. In fact, through the process of socialization, the person is not just virtues and good things.  Learns, but also learns the opposite things or demerits from them.

 According to Kimbal Young, “Socialization is the process by which a person enters social and cultural spheres and becomes a member of different groups of society and by which he is motivated to accept the faults and ideals of society.

The analysis of the above definitions shows that socialization is a process by which a person learns to behave according to social norms and stereotypes.  Socialization is the development of a person’s personality according to different conditions of social life.  Socialization in a person by socialization.  Self-judgment, a sense of hum.  Social enlightenment and social responsibility come



 Characteristics of Socialization


In relation to socialization, the characteristics are becoming clear based on the definitions given by various scholars.  Some of the salient features are

  (i) Socialization is a process of learning.

 (ii) Through this, social customs, traditions and ideals are learned.

 (iii) Through this process a person changes from a biological animal to a social animal.

 (iv) Socialization is a birth process ie it goes on from birth till death.

 (v) Socialization leads to the development of self-consciousness, self-judgment and feeling of us.

 (vi) It brings about the qualities of self-control and social responsibility in a person.

  (vii) The process of socialization goes through different levels.  (

  VIII) The process of socialization is tested by various means.

  (ix) The process of socialization occurs in all societies.




 Aims of Socialization


Four major objectives  and segmental socialization are mentioned.

  1. Basic Discipline – Socialization is essential for keeping human life in order.  Through the process of socialization one learns the customs, ideals and values ​​of the society.  Thus he becomes an active member of the society.  As a result of socialization, he harmonizes with other people in the society.
  2. To instal aspirations – The purpose of the process of socialization is to help in the fulfillment of aspirations in a person by creating them. This is to say that socialization is a desire born in a person.  With these desires, aspirations are created and then they are also fulfilled by the process of socialization.
  3. To teach the nresponsibility of social roles that every person has a status in society and also has roles associated with that situation.  It is necessary to play these roles.  The process of socialization makes a person aware of social obligations.  It is through this that a person learns social customs, as a result of which he is able to play his roles.
  4. Development of social skills – The process of socialization develops those abilities within the person that help him to successfully harmonize in all areas of social life.  Through socialization, people come in the way of society.  Are helpful in adaptation.



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