Pressure group

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Pressure group

The role of ‘pressure group’ or ‘interest group’ is very important in determining the functioning and political behavior of democratic states. These two concepts are not the same. While interest groups protect the economic, political, social and cultural interests of their members, pressure groups try to influence the decisions of other groups and tribunals due to their political, economic and social pressure. We do.

The focus of the pressure group is mainly directed towards counteraction and resistance. A pressure group is a group of persons with similar economic interests, who try to influence the decisions and actions of various organs of the government – the legislature, the administration and the judiciary. Many pressure groups are working in India from this point of view.

In these there are various organizations of chief industrialists, businessmen, workers, farmers, youths and women who try to influence the functioning of the government. environment and ecology for the last few years

There are many related pressure groups which are emphasizing on the cleanliness of the environment and are trying to influence the government policies in this direction.

Despite the difference in economic interests and goals, there is a lot of similarity in the functioning of various pressure groups. Almost all the pressure groups present their point of view to the Government, Parliament, Legislative Assembly and the public through meetings, discussions, letter writing, reminder letters, letters to the editors of newspapers, etc. with the concerned ministries, members of parliament etc. . The role of pressure groups becomes important in elections which parties, office bearers, MPs support their point of view, these pressure groups also try their best for their victory.

In Indian conditions, pressure groups do not act only as protectors of economic interests. The land of language, culture, regionalism, caste, religion etc. is also very important in the emergence of these groups.

Importance of pressure groups

Pressure groups are popularly known as lobbies in current political processes. They are criticized mainly on two grounds, first, it always gives the impression that the group uses pressure or other means to influence the decision-making process, which are not necessarily justified, and second, it is mostly used as a derogatory indicator. It has been worded as it also gives the impression that this group always tries to influence the processes of the government by hidden conspiracies. Which is not fair.

Pressure groups operate in an environment dominated by government institutions, so the tricks and tactics adopted by them are largely influenced by this environment. First, the objectives of some groups may be compatible with those of influence groups, but some may be hostile to them. Second, the institutions representing the decision makers may be sympathetic to the activities and objectives of the pressure groups. or opposing attitudes towards

can affect their development because of

Important is the environment. Weak political parties and lack of party discipline

provide an opportunity to develop. Whereas capable and strong political parties

There are obstacles in my life and I try to bring them under my control and direction. party system

The form and composition of parties also have a significant impact on the tactics of pressure groups. Fourthly, the operation of pressure groups is also affected by the individuals and their political culture. For example, the political culture in India makes influence groups abhorrent to regionalism.

French people believe more in direct activism and non-violent disturbances than in peaceful bargaining by pressure groups, while in America there are feelings of tolerance towards pressure group activism. In the context of environmental issues, pressure groups face two possibilities:


Changing your objectives to suit the environment.


To try to change the environment according to its objectives.

In other words, the tactics of pressure groups can be of accommodation or struggle and the style of activism also depends on these tactics.

The primary goal of pressure groups is to influence government decisions in favor of their interests. Therefore, it is not enough to simply convey your demands to the decision-makers, but it is more important to present them effectively. For this many times the pressure groups also try to create favorable public opinion through public prosecution. The strategy of mass campaign is adopted only by those pressure groups whose economic condition is very good. Because a lot of money is required for mass campaign. For this, pressure groups give advertisements in newspapers,

and issuing pamphlets, organizing seminars and symposia or films

They use various means like organizing demonstrations etc. Sometimes pressure groups

They also adopt methods of physical demonstration and violence. These methods are mainly adopted by unequal pressure groups, but in some circumstances all types of groups adopt them.



The historical development and political culture of the country also influenced the pressure groups.


stakes and screws

Tips have a significant impact. Sometimes these result in pressure-group physical demonstrations.

And make violent disturbances their means. Peru is a prime example of such countries.

Trade unions are viewed with suspicion because of their violent culture. In France too, farmers have many times adopted violent methods in support of their demands. Religious divisions in Northern Ireland have led to pressure groups working across the board from any one religious group.

It becomes difficult to do so, therefore the political culture of a country is influenced by the tactics of pressure groups and

It affects the shape, velocity and direction of the tips.

Many times the personal contact between the pressure groups and the decision-makers is also helpful in getting the policy formulated or changed in favor of the interests of the pressure groups. For this pressure groups take support of family, school, local and social relations.

Another tactic adopted by pressure groups to achieve their interests is to infiltrate the power holders so as to influence the decision making process not only from outside but also from within. In this strategy, the main goal is to reach its members in the Legislature or the Government. Infiltration in Legislatures is possible only through political parties. Sometimes pressure groups field their candidates at the time of elections, who take care of the interests of their influence group if they win. Infiltration in the government is much more effective than infiltration in the Legislatures. For this, pressure groups help their members to get some government posts. In America it is common to appoint business administrators to some important government positions.

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