Differences in Sanskritisation and Westernization

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It is clear from the view that both these processes are interrelated with the view that these are the cause and result of each other. On the one hand, Western technology and social values ​​encouraged Sanskritization, on the other hand, in Sanskritization, old age  Due to this, the values ​​of Western culture began to spread more rapidly.  Even after this, MN Srinivas has clarified many differences related to the concept of Sanskritization and Westernization.


1.Sanskritization is an indigenous or internal process that explains the internal changes taking place in India’s traditional social structure.  On the other hand, westernization is a foreign process and it is related to these external influences that have brought many changes in our society.


2.The field of Sanskritisation process is limited as it is only related to caste dynamics.  Westernization is a widespread process that has affected all aspects of Indian life in one way or another.


  1. Originally the basis of Sanskritization is religious.  Through this, the lower castes try to elevate their position by adopting the religious rituals and purity-related practices of the upper castes.  In contrast, the basis of Westernization is cosmic and scientific.


  1. The values ​​of Sanskritization and Westernization also differ from each other.  The values ​​of Sanskritization encourage the great traditions of the Hindus and the meat and liquor prohibit experimentation as impure, the value of Westernization is modern in the sense that it values ​​personal freedom, equality, social justice and rational behavior.

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  1. Sanskritization is a process that explains the changes occurring in lower castes and tribes similar to the lifestyle of upper castes.  In other words, its effect is limited to the lower castes and tribes.  On the other hand, from the standpoint of influence, westernization is a widespread process as it has affected the lives of all classes, castes and communities in Indian society.


  1. In different areas, the ideals of Sanskritization differ from each other.  In a region, it is related to the emulation of the lifestyle of the upper castes, then any backward or lower caste as Prabhu caste in any region can also be the ideal of Sanskritization.  On the other hand, there is only one ideal of westernization i.e. to adopt western lifestyle and values.


  1. Sanskritization is a process that changes the position of the person in the ethnic stratum.  Thus, Sanskritisation encourages vertical mobility.  On the contrary, people do not have any change in ethnic status due to the effect of westernization.


8. The process of Sanskritization has always existed in one form or the other in Indian history.  On the contrary, the process of westernization started from the time of British rule and grew more rapidly after independence.


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