Distinction between Institution and Association

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  1. People often use the term institution and associationin the same sense. But there is a lot of difference between these two. Here the difference in these is being clarified
  2. There is no fixed limit to the institution. Its scope of work is limited.  Its scope of work can also be the whole society.  Only its members.
  3. The institution keeps transferring from one generation to the next, from one generation to another. Is not done.
  4. Institutions are conservative in nature. The change committee is not conservative.  Its member is very slow.  They change from time to time as per the needs and objectives.  Therefore, the committee is relatively more variable.
  5. No person can be a member of the institution, any person can be a member of the association. Every person should follow the rules of the institutions

6 .. The institution is the organization of rules and procedures, the association is a group of individuals.

  1. The association having institution of rules and procedures is tangible.  Being a group of individuals causes abstraction.  It can be seen or touched, it can be seen and touched.  Can not go
  2. Construction of the institution is not abrupt but the creation of a association gradually takes care of certain objectives. Can be done whenever you want.
  3. The spirit of collective welfare in the institution is the priority of individual selfishness in the underlying association . it occurs .  is .
  4. The association which is of permanent nature is of temporary nature as compared to the institution .  The  association is dissolved after achieving the objective or goal.
  5. The institution has its own special symbol. These symbols each have a name for the  association by which it identifies the organization.  Is known .
  6. Adherence to the rules of the association is only mandatory for the member of the  association. The committee helps in meeting the specific objectives and interests requirements of some individuals.  Fulfills  Institutions as a means of social control

13, the  association, being written and formal, also plays a very important role.  The unwritten are relatively less powerful.  Despite this and its informal influence, members control is also relatively weak.  But more

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