Importance or Functions of Social Stratification 

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Importance or Functions of Social Stratification 


Simplify the Work:

Under the system of social stratification, the ability of a person is determined. For example, through the caste system, a particular caste gets special abilities and tasks which it has to fulfill. Similarly, under the class system, a particular class has a special ability and style of work which it has to fulfill. In this way, through social stratification, the individual gets information about which work to do and how to do it. This simplifies the tasks.


Determine the Attitudes:

A special importance of social stratification is the determination of human attitudes. According to the caste, class or status-group a person belongs to, his attitudes are developed and determined. From this point of view, social stratification makes individuals aware of their attitudes and motivates them to develop themselves.


Helpful in Maintaining Social Order:

One of the importance of socialization is that it helps in maintaining order in the society. Through this, the society is divided into different classes on the basis of birth and ability and the behavior and manner of the people of each class should be fixed.

At the same time, such arrangements are made that individuals adopt their fixed working style. This maintains the social order.


Helpful in Social Integration:

The system of social stratification divides the groups into different classes. The functions of each class of persons are fixed. A person is dependent on another in relation to other tasks by completing his tasks. Because the needs of a person cannot be fulfilled by me alone. This leads to mutual interdependence between individuals and groups. This dependency helps in social integration.



Helpful in Social Progress:

Social stratification helps in progress. Whether the basis of the system is birth (caste system) or merit (class system), both inspire a person to act in their own way according to social belief. Within the caste-system, the matter of caste-religion is said. According to this principle, the actions of a person in this birth are determined on the basis of the actions of the previous birth, so their observance is mandatory. As a result, a person voluntarily performs his karma. Then a person tries to increase maximum ability in the class system so that he can attain a higher position. Both these conditions are helpful in social progress. Thus it is clear from the above description that social stratification shows its importance both at the individual and group level.


Helpful in Fulfilment of Needs:

People have many needs. No one person can fulfill all his needs on his own. Through the system of social stratification, the functions of individuals are divided. Every person is helpful in fulfilling the needs of the people by performing his certain work efficiently.


Determination of Status:

A special significance of social stratification is that through this individuals get their proper place in the society, which is called their status. The ability, ability and work efficiency of every person in the society is not the same. For a healthy society it is necessary that the status of the individual should be achieved according to his ability. This need is met through social stratification.




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