Caste System

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Caste System There are many theories about the creation of the word ‘caste’. India is the classical country of caste. If seen in context, the word ‘Jati’ of Hindi is derived from the root ‘Jana’ of Sanskrit language, which means ‘to be born’ or ‘to produce’. Thus things having the same quality and religion by … Read more

Importance or Functions of Social Stratification 

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  Importance or Functions of Social Stratification    Simplify the Work: Under the system of social stratification, the ability of a person is determined. For example, through the caste system, a particular caste gets special abilities and tasks which it has to fulfill. Similarly, under the class system, a particular class has a special ability … Read more

Bases of Social Stratification

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Bases of Social Stratification   Caste : A major zoological basis of social stratification is ‘caste’. India is a shining example of this. In this caste stratification, the highest position is held by the ‘Brahmin’ and the lowest position is held by the ‘Shudra’. There are many castes respectively between these two ends. This stratification … Read more