Tribes In India

Tribes In India 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS 1) ‘ But the word tribe has not been defined anywhere in the Constitution. Article 366(25) of the Constitution states that the Scheduled Tribes are such tribes or tribal communities or parts of such groups of tribes or tribal communities as the President of India may, by public notification … Read more

Social Institutions In Primitive Society

Social Institutions In Primitive Society 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS marriage Marriage is an institution that enables men and women to enter into family life. John Levy and Ruth Monroe marry because of the feeling that being in a family is the only proper, truly possible way to live. People marry not because it is their social … Read more


Kinship The literal meaning of kinship is relation. This relationship can be between two or more persons only. The members of the society are bound by various relations. These include blood relations, marriage relations and distant relations. When these relations have got social recognition, then it is called kinship system. Every adult person belongs to … Read more


Marriage There are different purposes of marriage in different societies: for example, in Christian religion, the main purpose is sexual satisfaction, then in Hindu society, to protect religion or to perform religious rites, the purpose of marriage in Muslim societies. To give birth to a legitimate progeny, while the tribal purpose is a social agreement … Read more

Neo Evolutionist

Neo Evolutionist Thus, there are three sub-schools of classical evolutionists and two sub-schools of neo-evolutionists, which can be discussed one by one. British Classical Evolutionist 1) Although there are many Victorian scholars in Great Britain who spoke of a linear form of development of culture, but here Edward Burnett Tylor (1832-1917), R.R. Marett (1866–1943), James … Read more

Social Structure

Social Structure Social structure is one of the important concepts of sociology. The concept of social structure was first used by Herbert Spencer in his book “Principles of Sociology”. Durkheim used it in ‘The Rules of Sociological Methods’. but unfortunately it Could not explain it clearly. Lewis Henry Morgan’s book ‘Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity … Read more

Animism Naturalism

Animism Naturalism 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Animism means belief in souls. Edward B. Tylor considers it the oldest form of religion. He argues that animism derives from man’s attempts to answer two questions, ‘What is it that differentiates between a living body and a dead one?’ and ‘What are those human shapes that appear in dreams … Read more

Magic, Religion And Science

Magic, Religion And Science 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS        Religion   Magic and religion are intertwined. Tyler: Religion is belief in the supernatural. The idea of religion is closely linked to magic and science.   There are many elements of religion. These elements are related to magic in one way or another. Before we discuss their … Read more

Principles Of Religion

Principles Of Religion   Anthropological theories of religion have been primarily concerned with examining the content of different concepts of the supernatural prevalent in different societies at different times. Earlier anthropologists also tried to trace the development of religion from crude to developed forms. Recent theories focus on outlining the functions of religion. Animism. The … Read more

Sociology Of Religion

Sociology Of Religion 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Max Weber is the most prominent thinker who established an independent branch like ‘Sociology of Religion’ in sociology by doing a very subtle scientific study of religion. Weber had started studying Calvinism of Protestant religion in his student life. your practical On the basis of experiences, Weber came to … Read more

Culture And Society

Culture And Society 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS   Generally, we keep using the word culture continuously in our day-to-day life. Also, the word culture is used in different meanings. For example, this does not happen in our culture and it is accepted in the western culture. Sociology as a science has a clear meaning of any … Read more

Origin And Development Of Anthropology

Origin And Development Of Anthropology 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS 1) Man and his environment have always been for themselves a perennial source of wonder and contemplation. This consciousness led him to search for the realities. Therefore it is futile to talk about the beginning of the study of man. For the origins of systematic thinking, we … Read more

Social Anthropology Methods

Social Anthropology Methods 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS 1) Social Anthropology can be described as the scientific study of man, culture and society. The aim is to know the truth about the affairs of the society. It seeks to develop skills so that humans can lead a better life. For this the use of scientific method is … Read more

Nature And Scope Of Social Anthropology

Nature And Scope Of Social Anthropology 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS 1) Generally speaking, social anthropology aims at the study of human society as a whole. It is essentially a holistic study and covers all parts related to human society. Culture naturally comes under this, as it is an integral part of human society. Therefore, the basic … Read more

Social Anthropology

Social Anthropology 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Introduction to Anthropology Social Anthropology: Nature and Scope Social Anthropology: A branch of Anthropology What is social anthropology cultural anthropology How did social anthropology develop? Methods of Social Anthropology Nature and Scope of Social Anthropology Scope of Social Anthropology Future perspective Social Anthropology in India Current Scenario Religion, Magic and … Read more