Gender And Society

  Gender And Society Sociology Of Religion By Thinkers   Women, then, are unequal to men, not because of any basic and direct conflict of interest between the sexes, but because of working class oppression, with its attendant factors of property inequality, exploited labor, and segregation. The fact that women are less privileged than men … Read more

Gender Equality

Gender Equality   Gender equality does not mean that men and women become the same; This means that their access to opportunities and life changes is neither dependent on nor constrained by their gender. This is achieved when women and men have equal rights and opportunities in all areas of society, including economic participation and … Read more

Gender Stereotypes

  Gender Stereotypes Gender stereotypes are inculcated into the minds of individuals from a very young age and thus influence the gender identity with which they identify themselves. Gender stereotypes often arise in social situations. Kids face a lot of pressure to be popular and fit in with their peer group. Enacting realistic social situations … Read more

Gender And Sex

Gender And Sex             Gender is used to describe characteristics of males and females that are socially determined, as opposed to those that are biologically determined. The term ‘gender’ was used in the 1970s by Ann Oakley and others to emphasize that everything that women and men do, and what is expected of them, … Read more

Gender Sensitization

Gender Sensitization   Contents   Nature and development of gender Gender Spectrum Gender-based Division of Labor – Domestic Work and Use Values Gender Justice and Human Rights: International Perspectives Gender: Constitutional and Legal Perspective Media and Gender Gender: Emerging Issues and Challenges Gender vs Gender Social construction of gender Gender Roles Gender Stereotypes Gender Division … Read more