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Human needs are eternal.  No person can fulfill his needs by being alone.  So he does not want to live out of the group.  The person has an integral relationship with the group.  From birth to death, a person stays with someone and establishes a relationship with them.  When two or more people establish a relationship, their collection is called a group.  This is to say that a group is formed by the collection of social relations and individuals.  Every person influences each other only when social relations are established.  Different types of groups are formed only by social relationships.  Countless groups and sub-groups are found in the society.  New new requirements arise in social life, new groups are created to fulfill them.  The study of social groups is necessary in sociology.  To understand these groups properly, sociological analysis is necessary. The general meaning of a group is the integration of many things such as – a group of instruments, a group of ants, etc., but in sociology, a group means a Human Group or  Is from a social group.  Psychologists believe that a person stays in the group only because of his basic tendency ‘Gregarios Instinct’.  – A group is a collection of human beings created by the relationships commonly found between human beings.  For example, student – group, teacher – group, labor group etc.  Under sociology, a group is not just a collection of individuals.  There are two essential elements for the formation of a group – first, the collection of individuals and second, the interaction.  Relationships between people cannot be established unless there is reciprocity and awareness.  Wherever we see people gathered, we cannot call it a group.  It can be called a crowd, it can be called an audience, but not a group.  The main reason for this is that in this type of compilation, no one affects the other.  We .  They are sitting on a railway platform, sitting in a railway box, gathering somewhere in a fair or in shops, but such a collection of people cannot be called a group.  This shows that it is not necessary for a social group to have just physical proximity.  When some people establish relationships and influence each other’s behavior, then that group is called social group.

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  Meaning and Definition of Social Group


Many sociologists have defined social groups.  Some of the major definitions are being mentioned here.

According to Ogburnand Nimkoff, “When two or more people meet and influence each other, they form a social group. This definition also makes it clear that groups  There is a collection of individuals and mutual relations are also found in them.

  In the words of Bierstedt, “A social group is one in which people have real contact with each other and social relationships are found between each other.”

Beersteed also highlights in his definition the collection of individuals and the interrelations between them.


 According to Maclver and Page

, “group” refers to a collection of individuals who establish social relationships with each other.  This definition of “makeover” makes it clear that there must be some individuals in the group and those individuals have social relationships, from which they are tied to each other.



while defining the group, wrote, ‘Familiarity, coherence, is a continuous grouping of group social individuals, who seek social goals, social norms, social ideals, mutual exchange of interests and faults for accomplishing common goals  works .  “In this definition, Fixtor has defined the group very well. He has stated that a group is such a collection of individuals, who know each other, a special structure and continuity is also found in them.  The ideals of the people work mutually and play their role according to interests and interests.

On the basis of these definitions, we can say that a mere crowd of individuals cannot be called a social group.  It is necessary for a social group to have mutual social relationships among its members.  It is also necessary to have mutual exchange between them and to influence each other.  ‘Social groups’ can be said only when there is a sense of intimacy and influence among individuals.  On the basis of the above discussion, it is clear that when two or more persons establish interrelations for common interests and influence each other, a group is formed which is called a social group.


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