What is Integration

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Integration is a social process in which different units of society are integrated and become a complete unit.  Integration is also a major process in collaborative social processes.  Through this process, unity is developed between the various subsystems of the social structure and social system in such a way that many different types can be met efficiently.  In common parlance, ‘integration’ means unity (solidarity) or attitude and equality of thought.  The meaning of integration as a social process is different in sociology.  Various scholars have expressed their views regarding integration.

Giving his definition,Ogborn and Nimkoff wrote, “Integration refers to the bonds that exist between several units to a particular system. Found to develop. Their point makes it clear that  Integration is the condition of all the units of which a social structure or social system is formed from which all these units remain connected to each other and fulfill their respective types.  Decisive units – existential obligation, system of social stratification (caste system), system of power and rights. This is called Dasha social integration if social malaise and many conditions contribute etc. This is another example.  If we see the society as a whole, then family, religion, responsibility, politics, economy and law are its decisive units etc. When all these are related to each other and make the whole society integrated, then this integration said.

Gillin and Gillin,wrote, “Integration is not an homogeneity organization. It is intended to say that the ideas and values ​​of the groups that make up a society are not necessarily the same, but in their feelings, attitudes and behaviors.”  It is necessary to have an organization that can strengthen the social order. From this point of view, Augvern and Nimkoff explained that “Integration implies the different groups b.  Ch is from peer related situations.  Integration is a process that enhances social organization.  In fact, the state of complete integration is not possible in any society, because the social, cultural, economic and political system is undergoing rapid changes and a new integration is needed to rate the imbalance arising from this change.  .  .  This cycle always goes on.



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