Integrative Social Processes

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Integrative Social Processes



Co-operation is an organizational social process.  Cooperation is seen in all areas of social life.  Man cannot fulfill his needs alone.  For this he has to cooperate with other people.  It is required.  When a person is born, he comes to the earth in a helpless form.  He has to depend on other people for his maintenance.  Person’s personality only with the support of family.  Proper development takes place.  Social life cannot be imagined in the absence of cooperation.  Today’s world  Can not survive without cooperation.  To see the contribution of the process of cooperation at national and international level.  Get .  New forms of cooperation have emerged.  Sociologists have defined this in their own words to clarify cooperation.

 According to Fichter, “Cooperation is that form of social process in which two or more individuals or groups work together to achieve a common purpose.”  More than two people or groups were told to work together.

In the words of Fair Child, “Cooperation is a process by which individuals or groups become more or less organized and make concerted efforts to achieve their common objectives. It emphasizes organized effort.”  Individuals or groups work in an organized manner.

  According to Merril and Eldredge, “Cooperation can be defined as a social interaction in which two or more individuals work together to achieve a common goal.”  ”

Green, giving the definition of cooperation, wrote, “Cooperation is a continuous and common effort by two or more people to reach the same desired goal and accomplish a task.”  The definition of cooperation has been given in the form. In its definition, three main things are given (i) working together (ii) a common goal and (iii) continuous effort to achieve the goals.

According to Prof. Davis, “a support group is one that works together to achieve a goal that everyone desires.” – Davis also defined common goals and working together in his definition.  Emphasized.

It is clear from these definitions that cooperation is a social process in which two or more individuals or groups work together to achieve a common goal.  In order for a process to be called cooperation it is necessary to have the following things: (i) Under cooperation, social interaction between individuals is necessary.  (ii) Cooperation empowers the group.  With this, big goals can be easily achieved.  (iii) It is necessary to have common objectives and goals for cooperation.  People with common purpose work together to achieve the goal.  (iv) It is a universal process.  Cooperation is found in every society of the world.  Cooperation is found in a society where conflict and tension is always there.  (v) Cooperation is a social process based on equal desire.  Cooperation is not possible unless there is no internal desire under the person.  (vi) Cooperation is a relatively long-lasting process.  Momentary cooperation cannot be called a social process.  For this, it is necessary to have some stability.  .  (vii) For cooperation, it is necessary to have two sides ie cooperation is possible at the small level (between two persons) and the large level (between different nations).




 Characteristics Of Co-Operation

Some key features of cooperation based on different definitions are as follows.

 Two or more persons are required to have two or more persons or groups for cooperation.  In society, between person-to-person, between-person group or between group-group, there is mutual interaction and exchange of feelings and thoughts.  Exchanges cannot take place in the absence of another person or persons.  A person cannot do anything alone.  Therefore there is cooperation between individuals and groups only.

 Common goal – The basis of cooperation is the common goal.  Due to common goals, individuals support each other.  The goal remains to bind the person in all circumstances.  An individual or group is organized for a common goal and strives to achieve it.  If there is no clear goal in front then they will not be able to make concerted efforts.  A person is not motivated to work without a goal.  Therefore, it is necessary to have a common goal in front of the individual or group for cooperation.

 Wide interest – Cooperation not only protects the interest of the individual, but also protects the interest of the group or society.  Through the process of cooperation, the person fulfills his interests and at the same time, with his inspiration, makes society organized and organized.  Its effect is seen at national and international level also.  This shows that there is a very broad interest inherent in the process of cooperation.


 Diversity – Diversity is found in collaboration.  There are different forms of cooperation in different occasions and situations.  Cooperation is not completely the same in the levels of ideas and actions.  The scope of cooperation is both large and small.  It can be both direct and indirect.  The nature of cooperation can be immediate, but on the other hand it can also be long term.  Thus, there are many forms of cooperation.


 We Feeling – We have a feeling of cooperation.  As a result of working inspired by common goals and goals, a feeling of hum arises among individuals or groups.  By awakening our spirit, the process of cooperation becomes more organized and effective.


 Organized efforts – Organized efforts for cooperation.  By trying in an organized way, big tasks or goals are easily accomplished.  Individuals or groups have to make concerted efforts to achieve their goals.  The more the organization collaborates, the more stable and organized the society is.  The process of cooperation is not complete until many people try to get together and try.

 Continuity – Collaboration is an ongoing process.  There is no limited and definite area for cooperation.  Cooperation is required in every sphere of life and at every opportunity.  Regardless of the form of society, Jaima cannot run without cooperation.  Whether the society is simple or complex, traditional or modern, cooperation is found in some form or the other.  Various organizations and institutions of society.  Maintains the continuity of cooperation.

 Mutual help – In cooperation there is a feeling of mutual help and co-operation.  A person alone cannot fulfill his needs.  This requires cooperation and mutual support is very important for Sahyogor coeration.  Unless an individual or group provides legal aid to another person or group, the cooperative.  The process is not possible.

 Inspired by will – Cooperation depends on the will of the individual.  Every person has his own requirements which he fulfills according to his will.  Cooperates with each other to fulfill these needs.  Here, he cooperates with others according to the needs or goals he wants to achieve.  Hence cooperation is a voluntary feeling.  The person does not cooperate when there is no desire.


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