What is social system , Meaning of Social system

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    Social System


The social system is formed by social interactions and interrelationships.  As a result of interactions and interactions between human beings, different customs, practices, committees, institutions, means of control, etc. develop.  These different elements are combined in functional form.  This is the social system.  The most detailed discussion of system analysis in modern sociology has been done by T. Parsons.  He has explained this in his famous book ‘The Social System’ in 1951.  Parsons, defining the social order, wrote, ‘A social system is made up of a plurality of interacting individual actors in a situation that has at least one physical or environmental aspect, such actors as are expected  Are motivated by a tendency to satisfaction and whose relationship with each other and their conditions are defined and judged by cultural structure and common associative symbols.  This definition reveals the following basic facts:

 (1) There is more than one actors for the social system.

 (2) The process of interaction between these actors is found.

 (3) The situation is necessary for interaction.  In this situation, both physical and social environment is inherent.

 (4) There will be a definite goal and

 (5) which will have a cultural structure.


 Loomis believes that (1) social order is formed by the interaction of multiple individual acts;  (2) These actors have the properties of interdependence.  (3) The doer has a goal.  In the desire of achieving that goal, the doers are related to each other and interact.

According to M. E. E. Jones “The social system is a situation or condition in which the various functional units that make up a society are meaningfully related to each other and to the society as a whole.”  It goes on to say that the social system is formed as a result of interaction of many people in a recognized manner.  Thus, on the basis of the above description, it can be said that social system is created as a result of the interactions of individuals.  These individuals interact with each other with a goal in mind.  Also it is necessary to have location and situation for interaction.



 Meaningful Interaction: Social system is a system of meaningful interactions.  Meaningless or purposeless interactions do not create social order.  The origin and development of the customs, manner of work, group, institution, means of control, etc. found in the society are the result of meaningful interactions


 Functional Relation: Functional relationships are found between the units of social system construction.  Each of its units has a fixed function.  On the basis of this function, each unit is connected to each other, due to which an associated equality is created.  This is called social order.

Dynamic: Social system is dynamic.  Its basis is interactive relations.  Interactive relationships keep changing.  Therefore change in the social system is natural.  This does not mean that it does not have stability.  Dynamics is observed in its stability itself.

 Related with Cultural System: Parsons have mentioned cultural background in building social system.  According to him, the basis of social system is interactive relations.  This relationship by religion, practice, law, publicity, etc.determined.  These are all units of the cultural system, so it is natural for the social system to be related to the cultural system.

 Fulfilment of Human Needs: A key feature of the social system is the relation with the fulfillment of human needs.  This system has a definite goal which is human.  The interactions between two or more actors meet the basic needs requirements.  Human needs are the foundation of interdependence.  That is why parsons have also mentioned all the requirements of the social system.  These are – biological pre-requisites.  Cultural pre-requisites across functional pre-requisites.

 Adaptable: Adaptability is a virtue in a social system.  One, society is variable.  In this sequence, the system also keeps adapting to the changed circumstances.  Second, human needs keep changing.  In this order, the social system also changes and adapts to the changed circumstances.

 Social Interaction: Social system is based on the process of interaction.  Parsons wrote, “The social system is essentially a network of interactive relations. In this, when there are interactive relations between two or more actors, the social system is built.  Have said


 Equilibrium: The social system is a system of equilibrium.  This is not a system of integrity.  It has many units and sub-units.  These units do not work separately at all, rather all units work together.  It keeps the balance



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