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 The problems of any section of the society are multifaceted and there are many forms and types of minor and major heads and minorities.  The number of all of these cannot be ascertained with a simple social life and in that reason problems arise from day to day.  Along with this, due to the change of time in the prevalent or archaic problems, there is a change in the relative or normative difference.  Thus it is clear that there is no dearth of problems in any section of the society.  The problems of the Indian middle class are also so many and varied that their proper analysis and analysis is a painstaking task.  Some of these problems are as follows:

– Joint family system problem

– The problem of precious marriage

– Tilak and dowry problem of marriage

– The problem of marriage versus love

– The problem of widow marriage or the maintenance of widows

– The problem of nurturing of a woman means her financial dependency.

  The problem of the acceptance and rejection of the traditional moors and stereotypes of marriage.

The problem of the mutual and rejection of a woman and man. It determines the independent relationship of a woman and a man. 

The union of man and woman is necessary to achieve the perfection of human life.  Thus marriage is the best means of exchange between men and women, which is different in all social agreements.  These social compromises were needed to bring fulfillment in life and the practice of marriage is changing this practice. Along with marriage many evils have also spread in our society.  And the result is that the people have to suffer.  Dowry is the most prominent of all these problems.  Among the many maladies prevalent in the Indian middle class, the place of marital evils is paramount.  Parents, especially the parents of Kanyapaksha have to face the following difficulties in order to complete the marital ceremony. They are so complex and diverse that due to this, marriage-like gestures also appear to be burdensome.


Dr .  Rajendra Prasad has written, “In our society, the marriage of a girl is a big ruckus. At first, it is difficult to find a boy who is worthy of choice. There is a lot of caste and caste in it, besides it has to be seen that there is something in her house  There should also be property so that the girl does not have trouble going there. Due to being married in childhood, the boy is not yet self-supporting, so it is necessary to look after the girl child at home.  Whether or not this is worthy “.  All these hard work are in their place but even more difficulty is present when the house and the good boy are found and in the ancient times marriage related concepts have been based on religious feelings when it comes to persuading the boy’s family.  .


 According to religious texts, marriage for man is considered as religious rite and marriage for women is ‘Vedic rite’.  As a result of religious trends, the practice of dowry naturally remained in the Hindus from ancient to the 19th century in marriage, but from the 20th century its form changed and by the end of this century today its form has become voluntary.  Now the determination of dowry has become the wish of the bride today. 

As a result, there has been an atmosphere of instability in the entire Hindu society from the family unit.  The evaluation of the dowry problem today is not only important and social, because the cases of burning new ones are increasing rapidly, but also because a large number of girls are unable to get dowry by the parents even after crossing the marriage age.  Remains unmarried due to  The problem of dowry is also important and painful because one and many girls are persecuted or humiliated for not bringing suitable dowry to the satisfaction of their husbands and in-laws, which leads to disintegration of their personality. 

The father has to adopt illegal methods of increasing his income, which increases corruption in the society and on the third hand, different kinds of difficulties arise in the family and society.  Therefore, to end the complex family and social instability related to complex marriages, Hindu society will have to give up emotional renunciation of dowry, because when a person marries his son, he takes more dowry from the girl’s side and when he marries his letter  He has to give more dowry.  It is also seen that in families in which the offspring in the current generation have only letters, individuals from such families are mostly hesitant to take dowry. 

And thus more and more such dowry take their sons to marry their sons.  Thus, the order of dowry remains in the society.  Compared to other sections of society, this practice can be seen in its fierce form in the middle class itself.  The upper class is naturally rich in resources.  The marriage transaction does not make him so much that he spends more and more on the occasion of reverse marriage etc.  But the situation of the middle class is different and in the dynamics of collective life it is clear that different kinds of maladies are being patterned to increase loyalty and morale.  In the collective life, the person develops such beliefs which are helpful in the struggle to fulfill his / her objectives.


 The concept of dowry, in simple terms, “dowry” refers to the money gifts and things that a wife brings to her husband in marriage.  – According to 8 scholars “those valuable things which are given for marriage by relatives of one of the two sides who are related to marriage”  Fallacy Born “The property which a man receives from his wife or his relatives at the time of marriage.” “It is the property which is given to a woman at the time of her marriage.” But things received in marriage because the bridegroom.  It is a personal property and is given to some bride or groom’s parents, so the definition of dowry can be such.  “Those gifts and valuable things that the bride, groom and their relatives get in marriage. But the concepts of” dowry “, kanyadaan or” feminidhan “should not be confused.  As a gift to the girl in “Kanyadaan”.  Is given to the groom.  “Stridhan” refers to the gifts that are given to the bride by her immediate relatives or husband etc. at the time of marriage or later and the money which she has received from her parents in succession or she herself has earned the woman.  K is completely mistress and cannot be a claimant in it.  This money can be given to his girls in succession, if he does not have a will against it.

  Dowry money due to boy’s job and income, girl’s father’s financial and social status, social status of boy’s family, girl and boy’s education, girl’s job and salary, girl’s beauty and physical formation, boy and girl’s family  The structure and security of a happy future are determined keeping in mind factors.  The important thing in this is that the parents and daughters of the girl not only give money and gifts at the time of marriage, but they continue to give gifts to the husband’s family for life.  Dowry from Ages – The history of dowry is very ancient and upon analyzing it, it is known that there have been many changes in the structure of dowry from ancient and medieval India to modern era.  Earlier, the bridegrooms brought up to 100 cows in dowry with them.  Draupadi, Sita, Subhadra, Uttara were all given valuable gifts, horses, elephants and gems by their parents at the time of marriage. 

It is so clear in today’s context that the gifts that were given at the time of marriage were considered dowry.  In today’s era, dowry has taken an unattractive ratio and has become the mouth of Sursa.  Now it has become a kind of deal.  In pre-British times, our society was predominantly agrarian and the economic system of society was simple in almost all of India.  Today those working in government jobs and working in high positions demand dowry based on their posts.  Following are the motivational elements of dowry:




 Desire to marry in a high and rich family – Every parent aspires to marry their daughter in a rich and high status family so that their dignity is maintained and their daughter gets happiness and security.  Boys of high and rich families have high prices in the marriage market, so the amount of dowry is also going up.


 Misleading views – Some people give more and more dowry to demonstrate their pride and social and economic status.  For example, Rajput and Jain people spend lakhs of rupees in the marriage of their daughters only to raise their social status.  Even if they have to take a loan for this.


  The pressure of caste system – According to the social and religious system of Hindus, marriage is a practice to be completed within one’s own caste or sub-caste.  Due to this, the process of choosing a life partner is limited.  As a result, there is a shortage of young people with high paid jobs or with a happy future in any profession.  They become like “scarce goods” and their parents ask for a large sum of money from the girl’s side, as if the girls are a bargain item.


  Social practice – One of the reasons for dowry is that dowry is a social practice and it is very difficult to change the practices altogether.  The feeling of the people is that by following the practices, unity and harmony is increased among the people.  Many people take and give dowry only because their parents and ancestors were also following this practice, if they do not do this then maybe their honor and respect will be hurt.  Just like in the days when Sati was practiced, many people were against it.  Still, they could not raise their voice due to fear of caste.  Practices always go on because behind it is respect for past and present.  For this reason, the practice has made the old dowry system unchanging and a stereotype.  As long as the rebellious youth does not dare to abolish it and the girls do not resist social pressure by giving it, this practice will remain tied to the people.


Anulom Marriage Arrangement – Apart from intermarriage, there is also the Anulom Marriage system among Hindus, according to which low caste people can get married in upper caste.  When upper caste marries a young woman, they ask for more (dowry) dowry.  Hence Anulom marriage encourages dowry.


 Vicious cycle – The important reason for parents of dowry accepting dowry is that they have to give dowry in marriage to their daughters or sisters.  It is natural that they use the money received in the dowry of their son to find a suitable groom for their daughter and to please her.  The vicious cycle starts from here and the amount of dowry takes the form of a tarnished curse.  Sociological intent of dowry – People may have a bipartisan notion of dowry but some people have a clear view.  On the one hand there are those who are in favor of overthrowing this evil, but on the other hand there are some reactionaries who want to keep this practice alive in one way or the other.  They understand that there are some advantages in maintaining this practice: Some benefits which are not necessarily based on good reasoning and intelligence are:


  1. By giving higher education to the virtuous boys of poor class, there are opportunities to make future.


  2 .  This practice helps to organize the new householder.  After marriage, the couple has to get a new house because nowadays the joint family is ceasing to exist.  Therefore, the money received in dowry helps the new couple settle a new home.


  1. Dowry increases the value of a woman in the family.  If the bride brings a good amount of money to her in marriage, she is treated well due to financial support.


  1. Chances of marriage of ugly girls increase.  It is very difficult for a girl to find a good groom.  But if his parents are ready to spend a good amount of money then it becomes easy to get a good groom.  Because there are some people who love money more than the girl.


  1. Dowry helps people to increase their value in society.  People from lower classes marry their daughters to the higher classes, spend more money in dowry and thus raise their social status.


  1. Some people understand that girls give their share through dowry.  If people cannot give land to their son-in-law, then he gives the amount of his share to him as a dowry.
  2. This encourages inter-caste marriage.  The main idea in front of the father in search of a daughter’s life partner

  It is likely that the future of the chosen boy is safe and that he is of good character, so instead of caste, the boy becomes the main subject of election.  Dowry may have been beneficial in the past.  But nowadays this stigma has become a stain in Indian society.  There was a time when dowry was accepted by the groom’s side, but now it has started being “sought”.  The result is that from the day of the girl’s birth, the problem of dowry gets settled in her parents’ mind and if unfortunately the person has three to four daughters, then her whole life is spent in solving this problem.  What and how should he arrange the marriage of his daughters.  This increases his mental troubles.


  Dowry defects


   Immoral – Moral values ​​in society are declining day by day.  Today it is beginning to be realized that we have all fallen to some extent from our moral obligations.  In this spiritualist country in ancient times, where the person did not spread his hand in front of the girl’s side for marital relations, modern ideology has changed a lot.  The person now wants to pay the bride price in the marriage of the boy and he is mostly successful in getting the desired money, goods etc. from the girl side, thus the money and things taken by the bride’s side can be said to indicate immorality.  .


  Economic tightness – In ancient times, dowry system was introduced for equal distribution of wealth in the society.  But now due to wrong development it has become a curse.  Especially for the middle class family, who spend their lifetime working for their family only.  Sometimes education, sometimes dowry, as a result of marriage, a loan has to be taken to meet the demands of the bride.  Many times the same loan goes on from generation to generation, destroying the family economy.


 Antisocial – Man is a social animal, he cannot live without society, ultimately he works for life only under social rules, this is the symbol of his sociality.

 Keeping the paramount importance, the basic structure is strengthened by the actions taken by individuals in the society.  But the interests of the people are hurt by doing some work, the social structure is different from that.  Some social customs and customs in Indian society like – untouchability, casteism, widow marriage – prohibition of child – marriage and dowry etc. are also present in the society.  The most flourishing dowry in society is disintegrating the social structure.  The development of this practice is leading to the deterioration of social functions and social values, it seems that this evil practice is promoting anti-social activities which is a symbol of complete anarchy.


  Irreligious – Virtue has been called the greatest religion.  Religion is worn for human welfare and benevolence. It is the intention of holding that religion is the welfare of human life, protects and nourishes.  Religion teaches man good conduct.  In Hindu marriage, donation is considered to be a very religious act. This religion has spread like leprosy in society as dowry.


 Low status of women – Dowry system makes the person more humble and the taker more inferior and the condition of women is very low.  The boy considers himself to be a very respectable person and considers the girl inferior and low-level object, so dowry is a social injustice, it is shameful for us and a stigma on society.  It is a rebuke to the self-esteem of women.


   Solution for ending the dowry system – In view of the dowry practice and the dandava dance, the thought power of the society has moved towards its destitution, so that it can get rid of the bondage of this dreadful problem.


 In a problem like dowry, devotion is possible only when united and religious and social and political efforts are made to resolve it.  There is also an urgent need to prepare a strong ideological and working base for the solution of this problem.  Anti dowry campaign


  At the government level – Sati system was affecting the Indian women class in the society very badly, as a result of which women were moving towards disintegration.  But as a result of the efforts of King Rammohan Roy, Lord William Bentick banned the practice of Sati in 1829.  The 20th century Kanan Minister of the Government of India, A.N.  K.  Sen introduced the Dowry Prohibition Bill in Parliament on 27 April 1959.  On May 9, 1961, it was decided in the joint session that the gifts given on the occasion of marriage will not be treated as dowry, but the conditions for the gift of gifts will be punishable while deciding the marriage.  Thereafter, the Dowry Prohibition Bill was approved, there are ten sections in this Act.


  At the legal level


  1. All gifts received at the time of marriage, women money – The Supreme Court has ruled that any woman has the right to marry all the goods received as dowry at the time of marriage and or the in-laws refuse to give the suit. Will be run


 2 .  Dowry Scrooge Mother-in-law – Life imprisonment to father-in-law and husband If the tadhu is tortured or murdered for dowry, the dowry greed will be sentenced to life imprisonment.


  1. Husband and mother-in-law hanged for killing pregnant bride


  1. Special Court Marriage Act – The Special Court Marriage Act is also helpful for neutralizing the dowry practice.  Marriage can be done after completing the age set by the government.  This can lead to freedom from dowry.  High class dowry prohibited – The high class is promoting dowry and complicating marital processes.  Their actions are impacting the middle and lower class, so it is very necessary to stop the government on high-class marriages and dowry transactions.  At the social level – to bring changes in the expensive social system and to eliminate the dowry system is being experienced at a wider level in the society so that a solution can be found at the social level, because depending on government regulations and laws, someone  Even social problems cannot be solved.  Therefore, for this the society should be aware.  At the time – in the Vedic era, the place of women in the society was high and they would be seen with respect to reverence and respect.  Not only this, women had all the religious, social and political rights, but the life of women in the modern environment.  Price is only dowry.  All the male society has taken away the pride that the women caste has not received in respect and women.  Has become a commodity of consumption.  Now it is also being realized that the religious leaders of all faiths, Mahatmas, sages, saints, saints should play an active role in front of society through their discourses and lectures against dowry.


  At the political level – since independence in the country, whenever – any national problem has come – then it has a problem.  There is a need for active cooperation by all political parties for a solution.  Unanimously provided active support for the solution of the national problem like dowry system prevalent in the society.  In the same context, today, to provide a solid support to the national problem like the dowry system prevalent in the society today and provide active support against the dowry system and edit a detailed program against the dowry system, which is beneficial in favor of public policies, against the dowry system at the national level.  It will be in the interest of society and the nation to campaign against Gram Sabha level and distribute literature, publicity materials etc. against it.


 At the educational level – important steps can be taken to end the dowry system at the educational level.  For which the Government of India should announce the nationalization policy of education soon.  With this, the curriculum of equal education can be started across the country.  Today, the country needs to emphasize the need for such moral education that can strengthen the feelings of nationalism.  Moral education for Rashtrothan includes portraying the character of great men, as well as awakening the love of nation and national sentiment, information about social events and extension of education to take steps for social change.  Only effective teachers can make this class.  Students must be motivated to participate in sports related programs.  With the expansion of judo, women can easily learn and become self-sufficient in protective terms.  •


 Ending the importance of casteism – Casteism has been in vogue since Vedic period and even today marriage – marriage takes place within the caste.  Caste is also divided into many sub-castes and it has to be followed, due to which problem like dowry system is creating terrible situation.  The integrity, ethnic discrimination and disregard of rules and laws that encourage this country are also a hindrance to the educational, social, economic, political and administrative functions of the country.


 Promoting inter-caste marriages – This should be encouraged as it will help end the evil of dowry, boys and girls should be given opportunities to choose their spouses.  ‘Now marriage should not be insisted upon with the consent of parents but they should have the freedom to meet and burn so that they can make their own destiny.  •


  Love Marriage – In principle, ‘love’ signifies the creation of human power and ‘dense’ represents the destruction of human power.  Where there is a loving life, it is called heaven and where there is a communication of hatred it is hell.  A loving life is successful only when humans – humans, husbands – wives, lovers – accept love in an attractive and surrender spirit to the girlfriend.  If the loving couple is tied in a knot, life is spent with pleasure, but society does not recognize it.  Therefore, if it is practiced and there is no obstacle, then practices like dowry can be stopped.




 Model marriage – In view of the intricacies of marital complexities and dowry system, the practice of ideal marriage started from the latter part of this century.  In order to present the ideal in the society, ideal marriage including dowry is being introduced.  To present the ideal to the society, the bride should be accepted as a dowry.  In order to present the ideal in the society in real terms, unmarried youth – women have to come forward by breaking the social bonds to get themselves tied into the knot.


 Epilogue – The dynamic of every society comes under a natural process, so there will be no society in which there is no mobility, social mobility can be said to represent social change.  There has been a rapid change in social situations, genetics, practices, traditions and Indian culture and this trend continues even today.  The persecution of the Muslim rulers on Hindu women gave impetus to child marriage and child marriage.  Unmarried Hindu girls were hurried to marry their parents for the purpose of saving dignity and maintaining purity of blood and giving money to run the life of the newlyweds which came into vogue in dowry today.  Due to increasing prevalence of dowry in marriage, the matrimonial system became increasingly expensive and dowry has become so prevalent in the Hindu society that the female society has become non-existent and the result of this is that modern civilized society still allows women to accept family ideals and practices.  The desire of home is to develop within the circle of the wall and to live in the realm of economic helplessness.  While the nation is moving towards all-round development and women are on par with men in education and other fields, on the other hand, the mass exploitation of women is continuing on a large scale. 

Marriage even to highly educated unmarried women is completed within the purview of dowry system.  It is intended to say that despite being on the path of progress, the female class seems to be non-existent as a result of being afflicted by dowry, today, individual family and social disintegration is happening due to dowry system as well as the continuous increase in various crimes in the society.  It is happening, the new bride is tortured. Not only the dowry gets less, either they are forced to commit suicide or they are murdered in the same cases.  Lastly it can be said that the elimination of dowry system will be an important step towards social reform. 

Even if the objective has been something in the beginning, it cannot be denied that this practice has failed to accept the feelings of women and as a person of different identity.  This injustice has to be stopped.  Regardless of whether this education is done by publicity organizations or scholars, we have allowed this evil to flourish for a long time and have made society a victim of perversion.  As long as we do not become more conservative and less conservative with more progressive outlook, dowry will remain as a curse in our society.  Only through cooperation and mutual understanding can the wheels of the chariot of society run smoothly.  Today marriages are held on the basis of dowry, not on the basis of character or on the basis of modern values ​​of high aspirations, so it is the right time for Hindu society to completely destroy the evil of dowry which has led many women to commit suicide.  Is bound to  It should not be forgotten that marriage is a sacred ceremony and not a trade or deal.  When a girl is accepted as a marriage, not for her qualities but for dowry, then what she brings to the marriage remains the focal point, then the sanctity of marriage ends, so the sooner we get rid of this evil  Take will be equally beneficial for the society.

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