Constitutional Arrangements Regarding Scheduled Tribes

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   Constitutional Arrangements Regarding Scheduled Tribes    The Fifth Schedule provides for the appointment of a Tribal Advisory Council consisting of a maximum of twenty members, of which three-fourths shall be from the Scheduled Tribes of the State Legislative Assemblies.  In articles 324 and 244, governors have been given privileges in respect of tribes.  There … Read more

Tribal problems

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Tribal problems    – As we said earlier, the problem of tribes is the problem of their integration from the point of view of the Indian nation.  The tribes have difficulty in integration due to their tribal identity, tribal sensitivity and different independent spirit.  Hence integration has been intensified by other problems:.  These other problems … Read more


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Divorce   The institution of marriage was given social approval as an institutional way to maintain the system of society and fulfill sexual needs.  Some keep their life formally organized despite family tensions and some keep their life organized upwardly due to religious beliefs, family prestige and family pressures, but there is a situation of … Read more


  Dowry    The problems of any section of the society are multifaceted and there are many forms and types of minor and major heads and minorities.  The number of all of these cannot be ascertained with a simple social life and in that reason problems arise from day to day.  Along with this, due … Read more

Measures for checking Regionalism

Measures for checking Regionalism    Regionalism is not a good thing for national life.  It is only appropriate to ban it.  The following measures can be suggested in this regard:   (1) Equal economic facilities should be provided to the people of the region so that unnecessary economic tension between them is minimized.  – The … Read more


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  Regionalism   Regionalism is also one of the concepts that have expanded their influence in socio-political life in modern India.  It is difficult to tell when and how this regionalism or regionalism was born, but it can be said that the fierce form that has emerged today makes the problem of national unity even … Read more


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  Communalism    By and large, communalism is a by-product of Indian political bets.  Its birth and upbringing has also taken place at the Indian political theater.  That theater is still nurturing that communalism very much – some openly, perhaps without hesitation.  Who is responsible for this?  This is the second question, but the problem … Read more

Measures for Eradicating Corruption

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Measures and Suggestions for Eradicating Corruption    The problem of corruption is indeed a serious problem and many reasons are responsible for it.  Therefore, multi-pronged efforts are also required for its disposal.  We can present some tips and suggestions in this way     (1) Improvement in the moral standard of politicians is first necessary … Read more

Measures for the eradication of Casteism

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Measures for the eradication of Casteism     To end caste-system: To end casteism, it is often suggested that caste-system should be abolished.  The Indian constitution has put forward the ideal of eradicating the discrimination of caste.  Officially some laws have also passed.  On the basis of all this it is assured that a casteless … Read more


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Casteism   A social problem related to caste-system is casteism which in a sense widens the gap found between different castes and is expressed as hatred, malice or competition etc. towards each other.  Understanding the selfishness of one’s own caste is paramount, the most common form of casteism, which is based on the feeling that … Read more

  Measures for Eradicating Unempolyment

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  Measures for Eradicating Unempolyment:  Removing unemployment is not an easy task as this problem is related to the entire economic and social system.  Therefore, unemployment cannot be removed without reforming the entire system of the country.  The following measures can be adopted in this regard:   (1) To stop unemployment it is necessary to … Read more


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Unemployment    When a person is physically and mentally eligible to work, but still does not get the work, he can be considered as unemployment.  The state of unemployment is there in every society, but in some societies unemployment comes as a serious and serious, economic and sociological problem.  While industrialization and urbanization have created … Read more

  Remedial Measures of Poverty

    Remedial Measures of Poverty  The following measures can prove useful in removing the poverty of India:     Improvement in the state of agriculture – India is an agricultural country.  For this reason, to overcome the poverty of this country, it is also necessary to improve the state of agriculture.  Improving the condition of … Read more


Poverty   Poverty is a serious economic and social problem of Indian society.  Poverty is the root cause of social problems like crime, child crime, begging, prostitution, slums.  Poverty is also the cause of economic problem.  Poverty has been viewed differently in different periods and societies, the nature of poverty in the agricultural economy is … Read more

Theory of suicide

  Theory of suicide   Dukheim in his book ‘Le Suicide’ made it very clear on the basis of statistics that suicide is not the result of any personal cause but it is a social fact.  Explaining this, Durkhim’s statement that scholars who have explained suicide on the basis of hereditary defect, poverty, despair, mental … Read more


  Deviance    Definition and Meaning of Deviance: The change in the accepted practices and systems of a society due to social changes is called deviation.  Contrary to the norms of the society and social norms, work is referred to as deviation.  In various countries of the world social problems such as child crime, prostitution, … Read more

Major Social Problems of India

    Major Social Problems of India and Forms of Secial Disorganization    Caste Differentiations and Casteism The Indian caste system has divided Hindu society into small pieces and has also set a stage of high and low among them.  This means that innumerable parts of Indian society, which are bound by caste-system, are living … Read more

Distinction between Social Organization and Disorganization

  Distinction between Social Organization and Disorganization     It is clear from the above post that social organization and disorganization have the following conceptual differences     (1) In the event of social organization, the individuals and institutions of the society continue to perform the tasks while holding their predetermined positions, while in the … Read more