Success or Achievements of Family Planning and Welfare Program

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Success or Achievements of Family Planning and Welfare Program

1. Large scale use of sterilization and loop facility- The achievements of family planning in India are visible in increasing sterilization operations and installation of loops. According to a rough estimate, 13.5 crore vasectomy operations have been performed so far and more than 1 crore women have been fitted with loops.

2. Legal Recognition of Abortion – With the legalization of abortion in 1972, aspiring women have got an additional facility. About 170 institutions in the country provide training in abortion. In this way, the legalization of abortion will prove to be very beneficial.

3. Production and distribution of family planning devices in the country- The success of family planning also lies in the fact that contraceptive devices and pills are being produced in the country. In family planning centers, birth control and contraceptive pills are distributed free of cost.

4. Decrease in birth rate – Effective control has been done on child production in family planning programs.


5. Popularity of Family Planning – The biggest success of family planning program in the last few years is that today a psychological environment has been created in the country towards child control and small family and the popularity of family planning has increased.

6. 23 percent couples have come under the ambit of this scheme. There are about 10.5 crore child progeny couples in the country, out of which about 23 percent couples have been brought under the ambit of family planning and welfare programme.

7. Increase in Personnel Trained in Family Planning

8. Promotion of population related research The important achievement of family planning is that today there has been a substantial increase in research work on aspects like birth rate, death rate, fertility rate and conception control in the country.

9. The use of contraceptives and pills is also increasing – the use of contraceptive pills is also increasing in women. Those who were hesitant in the beginning have started using these tools fearlessly today. 10. Help in curbing population growth – The concept of family planning in the country, sterilization, installation of loops and use of equipment has resulted in reduction of birth rate from 42 per thousand to 27.5 per thousand in the last 46 years.

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