Difference between civilization and culture

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 Difference between civilization and culture

People often use the word civilization and culture in the same sense, but there is a difference between civilization and culture.  Civilization is the means while culture is practicable.  Some common things are also found in civilization and culture.  Relations are found in civilization and culture.  Civilization prepares environment for culture and culture is also promoted by civilization itself.  Culture gives direction to civilization.  It is only through civilization that culture is transferred from one society to another and from one generation to the next generation.  Both civilization and culture are influenced by each other and also influence each other.  Both were created and developed to meet human needs.  They have such a close relationship that it is difficult to separate them from each other.  Despite this, there is a difference between civilization and culture.  McIver and Page have made a difference between civilization and culture.  The differences given by them are as follows


  1. Civilization can be measured, but not culture – civilization can be measured.  Since it is related to the utility of physical things, it can be called good – bad, high – low, useful, unusable on the basis of utility.  There is no such thing with culture.  Measurement of culture is not possible.  It cannot be described as comparatively good – bad, high – low, useful, unusable.  People of every group call their culture superior.  Every culture is a product of the time and circumstances of society.  Therefore, the question of its evaluation does not arise.  Let us look at new techniques as an example.  What is present today and it is better than other things and in the coming time even more advanced method will be present in front of us.  We cannot do this kind of culture with you.  The culture of two places and two ages cannot be called superior to each other.  telling .  Not every culture is useful, not useful.  Measurement of culture


2 .  Equality always moves forward, but not culture – there is constant progress in equity.  It never goes backwards.  McIver pointed out that civilization does not just move forward, but its progress is in one direction.  Today, new innovations and inventions are happening all the time, due to which we are getting advanced things in comparison to old things.  As a result, progress continues in civilization.  There is progress in civilization.  Every first step of civilization, every new invention, every new discovery, every new thing is better than the last step, previous invention, backward search, previous thing.  But this is not possible with culture.  It can never be said with certainty that there is a change in child life today compared to earlier poets, novelist, playwrights, etc.  His direction is also not fixed.  Walls are better today than novelist, playwright, etc.  In culture


  1. Civilization progresses without effort, not Sanskrit – a great effort for the development and progress of civilization, it moves forward with great ease and alertness.  When any new object is used, then everyone uses it.  It is not necessary that we have full care in his relation or contribute fully to his invention.  That is, they can also be consumed without it.  The standard vestia is used without changing attitudes, interests, and ideas.

but with the culture, it is necessary to change the mindset for the spread of Aita Bara Naha Ha culture.  For example, if the person wants to make a change, he has to be mentally prepared for it, but there is no need to think specifically for the use of a layer.  Civilization can be achieved as succession, but not culture.  Thus, it becomes clear that civilization transfers to culture.  Is simpler than that.


  1. Civilization can be adopted without any change or loss, but not culture – the elements or objects of civilization can be adopted as they are.  There is no need for any change in it.  When this one thing is invented, people of different places take it.  A physical object can be moved from one place to another without any change.  For example, when the tractor was invented, it was taken to every village.  There was no need for any change in it.  But this is not the case with culture.  When the elements of culture are accepted from one place to another, there is a slight change.  Some of its qualities become secondary, then some qualities are added.  This is the reason that even after conversion, people are not able to bring about any change in their old beliefs, thoughts and attitudes.  The earlier religion has some or no effect.  Even after doing.  Some of its properties are located from one place to another.


  1. Civilization is external, while culture is internal – under civilization comes material things.  Material objects belong to external life, external pleasures.  For example, electricity – fan, television, motor train, etc.  People get external comfort from all these things.  But culture is related to the inner life of a person.  Such as – knowledge, faith, religion, art etc.  With all these things a person gets satisfaction from the mental, thus it is clear that civilization is external, but culture is related to internal life.  That is, civilization provides only physical pleasure, whereas culture gives mental.


  1. Equality is tangible, while culture is intangible – civilization is concerned with material things.  Material things are tangible.  They can be seen and touched.  Almost all people can benefit equally from this, but culture is related to non-material things rather than material things.  They can be felt, but they cannot be seen and touched.  Culture is intangible in this sense.  Civilization refers to the material side of culture.  Civilization is tangible in this sense.  Such as – chair, house, fan, etc.  The intangible aspect of culture is called non-material culture.  Like – knowledge, belief, art etc.


  1. Civilization is the means while culture is practicable – civilization is the means through which we reach our goals and objectives.  Culture itself is a doable.  Religion, art, literature, morality etc. are elements of culture.  To get them, physical things like – religious books, painting, music, dance – Badya etc. are required.  Thus civilization is the means and culture is practicable.


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