What is Civilization

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People commonly use the word “civilization” in the sense of culture, that is, in common language – they understand both of them in the same sense. Under civilization, we include the material things through which we can take care of our needs.  Supplements. For example houses, tables, pens that can be seen and touched. It is also called material culture. Why is Harappan civilization called civilization?


The English word civilization of civilization derives from the Latin language Civitas and Civis, which means urban and urban groups. Such groups are educated, behaviouristic and equitable. The behavior of civil society people is complex  Is, their language develops and differentiation and specialization is found in their works. Many scholars have given the definition of civilization. The definitions given by some sociologists are being mentioned.


While giving a definition of civilization, Ogborn and Nimkoff said that civilization was a post-modern culture.


  According to Green “Culture becomes a civilization when it has written language, science, philosophy, highly specialized division of labor, complex method and political system.

‘McIver and Page have defined civilization differently.  By civilization we mean the entire process and organization that humans have made in an effort to control the conditions of their lives.  In his definition, McIver included social organization as well as physical devices that cater to human needs.  Examples are typewriters, telephones, presses, motors, etc., which are used as a means to achieve human objectives.





Like culture, civilization also has some major features,

1 Physical form – Civilization consists of material objects.  Civilization is tangible from the physical point of view.  That is, we can see and touch humankind.  These physical objects are also manufactured by humans.  Such as – table, chair etc.  .


2 Utility civilization does not include all material goods.  It contains all those things which are important from the utility point of view.  The usefulness of three things ceases, people discard them.  That is, civilization brings joy and satisfaction to humans.read


  1. Civilization is the means. .  .  Civilization is a means that includes those things under it.  By which man serves his purposes.  It is a useful item by which a man fulfills his objectives.  Like we easily travel from one place to another by car.


4 Transnationality – Change in civilization happens at a very rapid pace, with the change in human needs and interests, the means of their husband also change.  This is the reason why there is always change in civilization.


5 Fixed direction – Civilization develops towards a certain direction.  It always develops upwards.  The pace of development of civilization never turns backwards.  There is continuous progress in civilization.


  1. Measurement possible – It is possible to measure the things falling under civilization.
  2. Receptivity – The quality of receptivity is found in civilization. That is, any person can accept civilization and benefit from it.  Whether the creation or invention of an object is in any corner of the world, but people can easily take it in every field and benefit from it.


  1. Alternativity – It is not compulsory to adopt all the things that come under civilization. It depends on the desire and interest of the person whether he will adopt that thing or not.  For example, a person can travel by train, train, bus or even on foot.  It depends on the will of the person.  Thus it is clear that civilization is optional rather than compulsive.read

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