Difference Between Physical And Non-Physical Culture

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Difference Between Physical And Non-Physical Culture


Culture is formed by the combination of physical and non-physical aspects, but there are some differences between the two, which is as follows

  1. Material culture is also called civilization, whereas non-material culture is simply called culture.

2 .  Material culture is tangible, while non-physical is intangible.  Such as the thoughts and minds of the train and scientist, from which the train was invented.  The train here is material culture, while the idea of ​​scientist is non-material culture.

  1. Material culture is easier to accept than non-material.  It can be accepted anywhere, but it is not easy to accept non-material culture.  There are difficulties in accepting second place.  We are not able to accept the ideals and values ​​of other places with great distress.
  2. Non-material culture changes more slowly than material culture.  Like – motor, clock etc. change, but human beliefs do not change soon.  .
  3. Since physical culture is tangible, it is easy to measure it, but due to non-physical culture, it is difficult to measure it.  It is not possible to weigh it.read

6 In physical culture, growth occurs at a rapid pace, while in non-physical culture, growth takes place at a very slow pace.  For example, in the society, different types of things come out of new discoveries and inventions, but the idea of ​​a person is found to be years old.

  1. The growth and accumulation of non-material culture cannot be explained.  But there is growth and accumulation in material culture and it can also be measured.
  2. The benefits and usefulness of material culture can be measured and measured, but the usefulness and lame of non-material culture cannot be evaluated.  It can only be felt.
  3. Physical protection is associated with honorary and physical life, while non-physical culture is associated with the spiritual and internal life of human beings.
  4. Material culture is simple, while non-physical culture is complex.  .



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