Distinction between Association and Community

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  Distinction between Association and Community

Committee and community are two important sociological concepts.  Both are related to human social life.  But there are some differences between the two.  Here are some of the major differences


  1. Formal relations are found between people under association, informal relations between people under community.
  2. In the association, people emphasize general interests under the community, not just personal interest.
  3. The size of the association is relatively small. The size of the community is comparatively large and the number of members is also limited.  is .  There may be several committees under one community.
  4. There is no such thing under the community found a certain extension in the members of the association. A community goes.  People have to play almost the same roles according to their positions and the status of all individuals in the work.  it occurs .
  5. A sense of selfishness was found among the people in the associationand ‘sense of We’ is found among the members of the community. She goes .  In other words, there is a sense of belonging among people.  |  It is not mandatory for the committee to have a fixed area

6.Community is Means.  The community is endable.  It serves its own interests and objectives by the association.  Serves interests and objectives.

  1. In the association, customs, customs and orders are given under the community to follow special rules.  The violator’s traditions are more heavily emphasized.  For this, punishment is also arranged.  Violator can be punished.
  2. It would be necessary for the community to have a fixed territory. it happens .
  3. Association is formed thoughtfully. The community develops automatically.
  4. Organization of the association is done for all kinds of needs of the community man for achieving the specific purpose. Fulfills
  5. Membership of the association is optional. Membership of the community is compulsory.
  6. Association is comparatively temporary. The community is a permanent group.  Under this, there is a change at a very slow pace.
  7. One person of several association at a time, one person of the same community at a time. Can be a member.


Distinction between Association and Society

These two concepts have some similarities.  And some inequalities as well.  Here are some of the major differences

  1. association is a group of individuals. Therefore, it would be tangible, society is a network of social relations.  Hence it is intangible.
  2. The association is established thoughtfully, the society develops on its own.
  3. The organization of the society is done keeping in mind the specific objectives, development of society for the entirety of life. it happens .  It has a common purpose.
  4. Membership of the association is optional, it is mandatory for people to live in the society.  Without society, development of the personality of a person is not possible.
  5. The association is of a temporary nature. A society of purpose is of a permanent nature.  It is dissolved after fulfillment between individuals.  Social relations always remain.
  6. On the process of both social cooperation and conflict. Is based.  That is, both cooperation and struggle are found in the society, a feeling of mutual cooperation among its members
  7. Association is a small unit inside the society. Society is a large entity.  There can be organization of many committees under it.


  1. A person can be a member of many societies at one time, one person at a time. Received can achieve.

9, It is mandatory for the association  to have general rules, society does not require general rules.  |

10, the association is an artificial organization.  Individuals own values ​​(x) Society is a natural order.  It is developed by its organization keeping in view itself.  it happens.







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