Dissociative Social Processes

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Dissociative Social Processes





There is probably no such society in the world where it is not found.  Society does not run only by cooperation.  Leslie ‘(Leslie) makes it clear.  One of the consequences of achieving any objective of that competition is better.  Competition arises when certain people want to achieve limited goals simultaneously.  Competition and competition is a separatist social process.  Under this, there has been a feeling of jealousy – envy towards each other in small or large amounts among the participating persons.  Under happiness, two sides try to achieve the same goal and neither side is willing to commit to the other.  In fact, two parties try to achieve a common objective or object, but only one side succeeds in this endeavor.  _ _ Competition is a worldwide social process like cooperation, the same is found in conflict.  But there is a sense of violence in conflictWhereas competition is anon violent process.  Competition is very beneficial for the society.  Various scholars have defined competitive.  Following are the views of some prominent scholars


According to the Biessanzand Biessanz, “Emotion is the effort made by two or more persons to obtain an object, while the object is so limited that all cannot become its present.”

FAIR CHILD, giving its definition, wrote, “Competition is a struggle for the use and possession of limited goods.”

Sutherland, Woodward and Maxwell  Essence, “Competitive is the impersonal, unconscious, and constant struggle between individuals or groups for the attainment of limited satisfaction, because not all individuals can achieve these gratifications.”

It is clear from the above definitions that sanitation is a separatist social process in which an individual or group applies for the use or possession of limited goods.  For example, there is competition among students to score the highest marks in the exam.





 Charateristics Of Competition

 1.Two or more persons or groups (two or more persons or groups) –

 2.Impersonal Process –

  1. Indirect Procedure (Indirect Procedure) – Examination a group
  2. Continuousprocess
  3. Lack of violence (lack of violation)
  4. Universal Process (Universal Events) –



Importance Of Competition

Competitiveness is also essential for social progress in the same way as cooperation, adjustment and optimization is necessary for society.  Highlighting its importance, Weissange and Weissange wrote, “We have full confidence that if cooperation gets the job done, the competition assures that they will do well.”  Every person has to get his place in society from God.  Is works.  The person has to make efforts to get the place of superior person in the society.  The person who gets ahead as a result of happiness.  He attains the best position.  In this way, the fun spirit makes the person get a place in the society.  It is only as a result of competition that individuals or groups try to protect their own conditions and conditions which actually become the basis of social progress.  Competitive for social life is beneficial but its limitations also cannot be denied.  It has advantages as well as devils.  Due to competition, there are tensions, mental imbalances, conflicts and criminal incidents among people in the society.  On the next day, students commit suicide on receiving low marks.  What is this?  This is The result of the competition.  Competition in life is prominent behind all the personal and social problems faced in the urban life of Western countries.  But on the basis of this, it cannot be said that there should not be competition and competition in the society.  Society cannot run only by cooperation.  Competition has an important role in human society has come so far in the race of civilization.  In this context, Bogardus states that “the pomegranate of logic develops into a linga struggle. Despite all these limitations, proper competitiveness is useful and ambitious for social life.



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