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Public Health in India

public health refers to the health of the public. ‘Health’ means to be physically and mentally healthy. For the progress of any nation, it is necessary for its people to be physically and mentally fit and healthy. Because the basis of human society is man himself, all other bases depend on him. If the people of the country will be powerless and unhealthy, then the country will also be weak and its future will also be dark. Therefore, the health of the public in every respect is not only necessary but also essential for the society.


Factors affecting the Health 


Health which is important for life is not achieved by itself, but it itself is determined and influenced by many social, cultural and economic factors. Much depends on environment-climate, natural resources and personal factors, such as eating-drinking, sleeping, excretory, cleaning and clean air intake habits, while also on the following social, economic, cultural factors, especially on is dependent on.

1. Drinking water and housing system – Water and housing have an important place in life from every point of view. If drinking water is properly managed with sanitation, it has a good effect on health, whereas in its absence, many types of diseases arise due to dirty water and health becomes bad. If the accommodation is suitable.

2. Knowledge of education and health rules- An uneducated person is neither aware of health rules and facilities nor ready to protect health due to ignorance. Due to his superstitions and unreasonable way of living, he becomes a victim of various diseases.

3. Medical and health facilities – Medical, public sanitation and health facilities available in the country have an important place in the formation of health status. Where there is a lack of these facilities and services, people remain victims of various types of infectious diseases and diseases.

4. Population – The health of human is also dependent on its number itself. If the population in a country is more than the appropriate proportion of production of food grains and other commodities and is increasing more than the increase in production, then there will be a shortage of food grains and other commodities in the country and the people will suffer from poverty, deprivation and malnutrition. .

5. Poverty and unbalanced diet – Poverty plays a big role in determining health. In the condition of poverty, the per capita income of the people is very low, due to which they do not even get enough food.

6. Status of Medical Science – The level of health depends not only on health and medical services, but also on the level of health, medical science and services. Where much progress has been made in medical science, it is possible to effectively prevent serious infectious diseases. As a result, the health level of the people increases. Developed countries are clear evidence of this.

On the contrary, where the medical science is still backward, the methods of operation are backward, there is no effective treatment for many dangerous epidemics and diseases, the health level of the public is degraded. Backward countries are proof of this.

7. Social Environment – Man is a social animal. If the social environment is conducive to health, that is, there is external and internal peace in the society, other necessary social conditions for life and cultural beliefs are suitable and motivating for health, then the level of public health will be good. Conversely, if the social environment is not conducive to health, it will have an adverse effect on health.

8. Standard of Living: The standard of living plays an important role in the determination of public health. If good, nutritious and adequate quantity of goods as well as services are used then his health status will be high. On the contrary, if the standard of living of the people is low. They are leading a life of poverty and deprivation, so it will have a bad effect on health.


Public Health in India
For the progress of the country it is necessary that the health of the people is good. Healthy citizens mean their well being physically, mentally and socially. Although public health has improved since independence in India, it is still
The health status of Indians is much lower than that of the citizens of developed countries. This is the reason that the average age of the people in India is low and both the birth rate and the death rate are high. Infant and maternal mortality rates are high and outbreaks of epidemics and diseases remain constant. “Diseases destroy the economic power by killing the strong and strong people of the country.”

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