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The group with opposite characteristics of primary group is called secondary group.  Cooley mentioned the concept of primary grouping and this concept developed the concept of secondary grouping.  It is a larger group than the primary group.  Its members form relationships among themselves to fulfill special interests.  Lack of closeness and closeness is found in their relationships.  It is also not necessary to have a direct relationship between the members of the secondary group.  A sense of fairness is found among them.  There is no place for personal emotion and emotion in it.  Their relations are made only for the fulfillment of work and policies.  Huh.  The relationship between Adya and their members is established by different houses of communication, such as postal.  New secondary groups have been developing in society through these practices like telegram, telephones, television etc.  Its organization is done on purpose


According to Cooley  “secondary groups are similar groups, in which there is a complete lack of intimacy, and there is also a lack of characteristics that occur in the maximal, primary, and virtual primary cohesion.”  Lecturer and showiness are found in relationships.

  In the words of Beersteed (Birsted), “They are all secondary. They are not primary. They further state that the primary group is the individual group, the secondary group is individualized. The relationship between the members of the secondary group is sometimes class, sometimes social status and sometimes  Are formed on the basis of efficiency.

Ogburn and Nimkoff defined it as “groups that experience a lack of intimacy, called secondary groups.”  Augburn and Nimkoff also defined the IIk group on the basis of intimacy.  According to him, there is a clear relationship between the members in such groups.

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The pomegranates of Kingsley Davis (Kingsley Davis) “secondary group can be broadly defined as the opposing group of primary groups”.

Based on the above definitions, it is clear that the characteristics of the primary in the secondary group.  Lack is found.  There are clear connections between people in the secondary group.  They organize to fulfill their special values.  Tul of primary groups.  They are larger in size.  Hence, personal relationships are not formed between their members.  New and new secondary groups have continued to develop in the modern and changing era.  Our relationship with the whole world is getting connected.  Some of the secondary group heads are thus becoming clear.

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Characteristics Of Secondary Group


  Limited Liability – Members of groups have a liability obligation.  People go to complete their work regarding rules and laws due to honest relationship.  They do not like to take responsibility for more than that and they are also not forced to do more work and take accountability.  The members of the secondary group prefer to have the same relation to the other members as their conditions are necessary to be fulfilled.  There is a lack of sense of GM credibility among all members.


   Lack of physical proximity – Lack of physical proximity is found in the secondary group.  They remain members of these groups even after being away from each other.  Due to the large number of secondary group members – there is less possibility of physical contact or physical proximity.  A person is a member of many other groups and they are not even able to collect all at one place, but they are all related.


 Variable nature (changing nature) – The nature of secondary group is variable.  These groups are organized according to the needs of the individuals.  Changes in these requirements also change the form of secondary groups.


  Temporary relations – Relationships between members of secondary groups are of a temporary nature.  There is no question of establishing a permanent relationship in them.  A person subscribes to a particular group for his specific goals and goals.  He renounces membership of those groups as soon as he realizes his goals.  Like this.  Secondary groups do not have the opportunity to develop lasting relationships.


  Deliberate establishment – Secondary group does not develop automatically.  It is established thoughtfully and thoughtfully.  Some people are unique.  Inspired by interests and interests, they organize the group together.  That is, some people deliberately form secondary groups to achieve their special objectives.  These groups are formed on the basis of certain terms and conditions.  These types of groups continue to form and break up.


 Fulfilment of special Interest – An important special feature of the secondary group is that it is built intentionally for the fulfillment of special interests.  They do not remain related to each other after selfishness is fulfilled.  They also compete among themselves for maximum fulfillment of their interests.  Different groups have their own specific objectives and they.  They cater to them.


   Competition ,I feeling – Competition spirit is not found among the members of primary groups.  But a sense of competition prevails among members of secondary groups.  Everyone wants to get ahead of each other.  Individuals follow others for their personal interests.  Wants to pay tax.  Due to the spirit of competition, they are unable to establish a close relationship.


 Formal relationship -Formal relationship is found in the members of the secondary group.  Of them.  There are no emotional connections between.  The relations between their members are based on the terms and conditions.


   Large Size– The secondary group comparison is grossly large.  The number of its members is not limited.  In the modern era, this group is spread all over the world.  Individuals become members of different groups to fulfill their selfishness.  No definite area of ​​this is also being determined.  Like various political parties, members of the Economic Federation, trade unions, etc. are spread apart from the country.


   Diffusion between members (succession among members) – Distinction of hasity, authority, authority and rank is found among members of secondary group.  The organization of the secondary group is thoughtfully pomegranate.  Therefore, according to this, the positions and roles of their members are already determined.  All members perform their work according to their positions and roles.

The group with opposite characteristics of primary group is called secondary group.  Cooley mentioned the concept of primary grouping and this concept developed the concept of secondary grouping.

Indirect relation– There is an indirect relationship between the members of the secondary group.  Its members are very large and they are spread over different areas, which makes it difficult to establish direct relations between them.  Papers between members in groups – magazines.  The relationship remains through radio, cinema and television etc.  Indirect cooperation is also found among its members.  All members perform their own functions, which leads to the attainment of the goals of the group.  Thus indirect association and indirect cooperation are among the salient features of the IIk group.


   Impersonal relationship – There is a lack of personal relationship between the members of the secondary group.) Its members are so large that they do not know each other personally.  It is not necessary for their members to establish personal relationships.  They have neither the time nor the personal interest to establish personal relationships with as many people as possible.


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Importance Of Secondary Groups


In the present era, the importance of secondary groups is increasing.  In the modern era, people’s institutions have grown so much that in order to fulfill them, they have to organize other groups and take their recruitment.  Keeps trying  In such a situation, the number of secondary groups is increasing day by day and people are beginning to feel the need.  Its importance can be expressed as:

   Helpful in social change and progress (Supporting social change and progress) The group is very helpful in social change and progress.  By taking action of secondary groups, the person is free from limited scope and gets a chance to know more.  The person’s point of view becomes argument on gaining more information


 Assistant in social control (helpful in social control) – The importance of secondary group in the field of social control also cannot be denied.  Secondary groups have the power of law and punishment.  Hence it becomes mandatory to follow their rules and orders.  The person who does not follow them becomes an occasion for punishment.  In today’s society, tradition, practice, stereotypes and religion are not as important as they were before.  As a result, the society uses different houses to maintain its order.  Police, court, law and administrative organizationsThrough the control of the behavior of individuals is maintained.  This keeps the society under control throughout life.


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