What is the meaning of census ?

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What is the meaning of census ?

Analyze the importance of census .


Meaning of Census According to a publication of the United Nations, “Census is the whole process of collecting, editing and publishing demographic, economic and social facts in relation to all the people living in a certain region at a given time.”

It is clear that under the census, not only the number of men and women is counted, but an attempt is made to depict their economic and social status as well. How many people are living in a country? In order to get information about all of them, the government conducts research in a systematic way, which is called census.

In modern times, no important political planning of the country can be completed without census information. The study of census data helps us in employment, housing, agricultural development, transport and communication, development, development of education and health services, planning of migration etc. Definitions According to a document of the United Nations – “The whole method of collection and compilation and publication of economic and social information relating to a given number of people of a country or a limited territory at a given time.”

Features of Census- Some of the main features of Census are as follows

1. All the information related to the census is published.
2. In the census, information about any person is known directly from that person, that is, it is not known through registration method.
3. Often censuses are conducted at a fixed time interval (after 10 years).
4. In the census, the information about the population is collected at a fixed point of time.
5. All the residents of the country are included in the census.
6. Census is of the residents of the entire border of the country.
7. In the census, because there is a need for extensive expenditure and organization etc., so it is done by the government. It is to be seen here that generally the census has to be done after every 10 years. According to the recommendation of the United Nations, every country in the world should conduct census on or near the year ending with ‘O’ (eg 1960, 1970 and 1980 respectively:). There may be a difference in the month or day due to weather and surface characteristics.

Census in India Importance of Census

(a) Economic importance

1. On the basis of this, the amount of expenditure on education, health etc. can be determined.
2. It is only from this that the need for food, clothes and houses is known.
3. On the basis of this family planning and food problem can be studied.
4. It shows the growth rate of rural and urban population.
5. From this the occupational structure of the population is known.
6. From this the trend of economic progress of the country is known.
7. This gives knowledge of population growth.
8. Rail and transport companies make development plans by estimating the passengers.
9. This leads to the detection of transfers and the introduction of schemes for refugees.
10. Based on this, the insurance companies determine the terms and the amount of premium.

(b) Social importance
1. Scientists and researchers make their research successful on the basis of population data.
2. On the basis of this, plans for the development of villages and towns can be made.
3. With this knowledge of epidemics and unsatisfactory health, plans can be made to overcome them.
4. It shows social evils and child marriage, sati system, widow problem, drinking, number of beggars etc.
5. It shows the birth, death, language, religion, gender, number etc. of the child.

(c) Political importance
1. The rate of inflation is determined by keeping the cities in ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ categories on this basis.
2. Based on this, policies are formulated and resource related plans are made.
3. Based on this, town area, notified area, municipality, corporation etc. are established.
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