Nature, extent and characteristics of violence against women

Nature, extent and characteristics of violence against women 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS   criminal violence The term violence is used for more extreme forms of aggressive behavior that are likely to cause significant injury to victims. Although violence usually refers to physical aggression, it can also be applied to psychological stress that causes suffering or trauma. … Read more

Women and ecology

  Women and ecology 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS   Man has always had a dynamic interaction with the environment. As sociologists, we are interested in the interrelationships between humans and their environment. By environment, we mean the natural environment, which includes forests, rivers, seas, mountains, plants, etc. The interaction between man and the environment has been … Read more

Women and Personal Law and Civil Code

Women and Personal Law and Civil Code 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS The question of women was at the top of the agenda of social reformers in the 19th century. The law’s potential to improve the status of women was recognized by conciliatory Indian intellectuals seeking to bring about social reform, as well as by colonial rulers … Read more

Health and education

Health and education 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS  One of the major gender issues raised for equality is women’s health. Various groups along with grassroots workers and non-governmental organizations are responsible for bringing the attention of the government and community to this important aspect of women’s lives. Several dimensions of women’s health have been highlighted through empirical … Read more

Women and NGOs

Women and NGOs 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS women and health Women and NGOs NGOs have been playing an important role in advancing the agenda of women at both the national and international levels. They have done this through working as advocates and pressure groups, as well as being involved in implementation and service delivery. However, it … Read more

Constitutional Provisions and State Initiatives

Constitutional Provisions and State Initiatives 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Following are some of the provisions made in favor of women in our constitution: Article 14 in the Indian Constitution ensures equality in the political, economic and social spheres. Article 16 provides for equality of opportunity for all citizens in matters of public appointment. However, the proportion … Read more

Ecology-Feminism-Women and Environment

Ecology-Feminism-Women and Environment 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS As a theory, eco-feminism is a fairly new theory and is still trying to find its voice. Therefore, there is no single definition of eco-feminism. French feminist Françoise d’Aubon is credited with coining the term eco-feminism in 1974. He tried to describe the epic violence inflicted on women and … Read more

Women’s movement in india

Women’s movement in india 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS The women’s movement in India can be seen in three “waves”. The first wave can be seen during the national movement, when there was mass mobilization of women to participate in the nationalist movement. Thereafter, for more than a decade, there was a lull in political activities by … Read more

Women’s movement

Women’s movement 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS The term “women’s movement” does not refer to any single, unified movement or entity. It is made up of several movements based on a wide range of issues. This involves using different approaches at different time points. It is a term used to describe “the feeling that all these movements” … Read more

Social change of women

Social change of women 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Today both sexes have the right to civil marriage. Without parental consent, the age has been raised to 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys. Thus, monogamy, judicial separation, nullity and divorce are some of the salient features of the post-independence era which put man and … Read more

Women and work

Women and work 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS It is necessary to make human life productive, meaningful and meaningful. It enables people to earn a living, gives them the means to participate in society, provides them with security and gives them a sense of dignity. Work is thus inherently and intrinsically linked to human development. However, this … Read more

Marxist and Socialist Feminism Module

Marxist and Socialist Feminism Module 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity have influenced feminist theory since its inception. Feminist theory has been reshaped by many mainstream theoretical approaches in its understanding of female oppression. The failure of liberal welfarism and radical patriarchal feminist agenda of women’s liberation paved the way for Marxist and socialist feminism. … Read more

Status of women in india

Status of women in india 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Relationship between caste and gender. Certainly the rules and norms have been relaxed a lot Weakness of governing commensalism and the attendant mechanisms of exclusion and exclusion: but the relational idiom of the game of food and rituals, expressed by the mutual interweaving of caste and gender, … Read more

Perspectives on Gender Inequality

  Perspectives on Gender Inequality 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS biological, cultural, Marxian The word ‘sex’ is ambiguous. As commonly used, it refers to the physical and cultural differences between men and women (as in the male sex, ‘female sex’) as well as sexual function. It is useful to distinguish between sex and gender in the physiological … Read more

Gender and media

 Gender and media 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Feminists who have studied women’s magazines have adopted a more qualitative approach than simply counting the types of images and, in essence, have analyzed the contents of the magazines within a wider critique of patriarchal society. Such magazines have a long history. Indeed Janice Winship (1987) has argued that … Read more

Socialization and Gender Roles

Socialization and Gender Roles 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Gender Social Socialization is a process of learning gender. The earliest aspects of gender learning by infants are almost certainly unconscious. They precede the stage at which a child can refer to herself as a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’. A variety of pre-verbal cues are involved in the … Read more

Gender gap 

Gender gap  2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Although the focus on gender difference is a minority position in contemporary feminism, some influential contributions to modern feminist theory take this approach (Baker Miller, 1976; Burnico, 1980; Gilligan, 1982; Kessler and McKenna, 1978; Ruddick, 1980; Snitto , 1979). There are also research papers (Masters & Johnson, 1966; Height, 1976) … Read more


Dowry 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS The problems of any section of the society are multifaceted and they have many forms and types, major and minor. The number of all these cannot be fixed in general, dynamic social life and because of this, problems arise day-to-day in any part of it. Along with this, in the prevalent … Read more

Female foeticide

Female foeticide 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS   Feticide is the practice through which the sex of the fetus is determined with the help of ultrasound, in-vitro tests, scans etc. and then the fetus is killed through the process of abortion. Female feticide is a practice whereby a fetus is aborted after it has been determined that … Read more