Elements of Social Structure,

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There is a lack of consensus among social scientists regarding the elements of social structure.  H. M. Johnson has considered various groups, sub-groups and the social relations found between them as an element of social structure.

  1. M. Maclver has seen family, community, caste, class, city, village etc. as elements. The basic elements of social structure can be understood as follows

 1.Statuses and Roles:

The basic elements of social structure are the conditions and role of individuals.  The systematic structure of these two creates a social structure.  Each person gets a certain position in the social structure, the same is called his status.  A person suited to the situation is expected to complete the task, that is his role.  The consistency in position and role maintains the structure.

 2.Social interactions:

An important element of social structure is social interactions.  Individuals in each society interact with each other to fulfill their different needs.  Does.  In the course of this interaction, division of labor is associated with maximum benefit and satisfaction of the person.  The structure of society rests on this

3. Social Institutions:

Institutions are important elements of social structure.  Institutions refer to the rules and procedures that contribute to the maintenance of social relations.  The development of such institutions takes place after a long process.  They have scores of expected stability.  Institutions determine appropriate and inappropriate behavior.  Through these, social relations are established.  The system of control is maintained.  Thus social structure is constructed from multiple elements.  These elements are closer to sociological approaches.


The first element of a social structure is called a actor.  R. Brown wrote, “Humans are part of the social structure.” Individuals continue to develop mutual social relationships.  This creates a complex web of relationships.  These relationships are defined and regularized by social institutions.  It arranges individuals in a certain way.  This systematic form of individuals is the social structure.


5. Norms and Values:

The basic element of social structure is social values ​​and norms.  R. K. Merton states that the hierarchy of social structure persists as long as individuals in the group behave according to values ​​and patterns.  When the balance and serialization of these rules deteriorates, the state of anomie flourishes.


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