Problems of Family

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Problems of Family


In the present time, there have been some changes in the family which have caused many problems in front of it.  These problems have questioned not only the social life, but also the existence of the family.  The ties between family members have started to weaken.  These people are internally overcome even when they are seen together externally.  All these things have changed the attitudes, values ​​and views of the family members.  As a result, the family is disintegrating, which is why family disintegration produces a state of social disintegration.  Elliot and Merrill have written – In family dissolution it is possible to procrastinate, disharmony and dissociation of the bond between the family members.  That is, a feeling of unburdenment arises among the family members and a situation of disharmony arises, which is called family dissolution.

Martin Newmeyer stated that family disintegration is a situation in which unanimous ends between family members, feelings of self-sacrifice, cooperation and love are not found.  They are each other.  Feel different.  Family awareness ends between them.  Some of the major problems facing the family today are as follows

Enhance the feeling of individualism and selfishness – The modern era is the era of individualism and selfishness.  The basis of family life is not selfishness, but sacrifice and sacrifice.  Today people have become selfish.  People do not think of general interest and profit but think of personal interest and profit.  In such a situation, there is a decrease in familiarity and intimacy among the members in the family, family bonds are becoming weak, as well as kinship ties are getting loose.  As a result various problems are arising in the family.  The person separated from the joint family and started taking interest in a lonely family.

The competition for material comforts – urbanization, industrialization and pluralities of businesses have provided various opportunities to the people while on the other hand it has also affected the normal way of life.  Today, husband and wife work in corporate house.  There is no definite period for his work there.  By late evening or night, when they return home, communication with each other and with the children is not enough.  The children should not get the care and pampering from their parents.  His children came.  .  Crete grows and grows with the help of baby sitting and boarding schools.  That kind of emotional in such children.  Relationships do not develop as in children with family members.


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 Divorce problem – There is a fundamental change in the basis of marriage in the current family.  Earlier marriage was considered a religious rite.  But today this agreement has been made.  This has weakened the marriage relationship and the chances of separation between husband and wife have increased.  Census data shows that the process of divorce in India has accelerated.  Earlier the divorce was limited to the lower castes, but today it is being found in every section of the society.  The separation of the family weakens the marriage and eventually leads to a state of dissolution.

  The limited family size is becoming smaller by the day.  Joint family system was prevalent in ancient and rural India.  Due to industrialization, urbanization, modern education and women’s liberation movement, people’s faith in joint family system has started to decline.  Due to abundance of employment and business opportunities, people started working in different areas.  As a result of this type of mobility, the joint family has started to break up and the nature of the family is limited to the husband and wife and their child.

 Development of Alternative Institutions Many such organizations have emerged in the society today, which do traditional work of the family.  Fulfillment of sexual desires, fulfillment of children, and social security needs are now being done not only in the family but also outside the family.  This leads to a lack of emotional and emotional connections between family members.  In the end it causes a state of family disintegration.

  Differentiation of Social Values ​​When the values ​​of different members of the family vary, a situation of family disintegration arises.  In the present era, there is a conflict between the new generation and the old generation in relation to social values ​​in each family.  The elders of the household emphasize the old traditions, ideals and values ​​of their time, while the new generation of youth considers them as useless, irrational and unhelpful.  These types of conflicts create a situation of family dissolution.

Apart from the above problems, there is another serious problem facing the family today – old age and = disability.  In a large family, the responsibility of taking care of sick, helpless, handicapped, orphans, widows and destitute people was considered collective responsibility rather than individual.  Older Individuals and people with disabilities led a normal life with all  people.  Lack of feeling of desolation, emptiness and contempt was found in his life.  He used to feel a sense of love and sympathy from the members who inspire them to live, to be happy and to stay busy.


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