What is Accomodation

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Individuals and groups have different interests in the society due to which there is a conflict between different individuals and groups.  Conflict arises between some individuals or groups which is not good for any society.  To avoid this situation, a person makes quiet changes and modifications in his behavior, so that he can fulfill his objectives and goals by reducing the opposition of other people.  This benefits both sides.  This process of reconciliation or reconciliation of the two sides is called adjustment.  It means to say that whenever there is a conflict between two individuals and groups, people from both sides try to reduce their conflict and adapt to the situation to avoid it.  That is called adaptation or cohesion adjustment.  Adjustment is not permanent but instantaneous.  This is done to overcome the current conflict.  The definition of adjustment has been given by various sociologists.  Some of the major definitions are being mentioned here.

  Jones (Jones) wrote, “In a sense, adjustment is an agreement to disagree.”

 According to Maciver and Page (McIver and Page), “the term adjustment expresses the process by which humans balance with their environment. Establish.”

Reuter and Heart, while defining adjustment, wrote, “Adjustment is the process through which humans reflect the changed stages of life by creating the habits and attitudes necessary in altered states.”  Is. Harmonizing. ”

 Ogburn and Nimkoff wrote, “Adjustment is a process by which the individual and the group prosecute each other with opposing actions to establish groupism.

  According to Park and Burgess (Park and Burgess), adjustment is the natural result of adjustment.  Opposition to opposing elements in adjustment becomes regular for a short time.  The conflict ceases as an external action, but retains its dominant power internally.

It is clear from the above definitions that adjustment is the social process by which two opposing individuals or groups reconcile.  That is, adjustment is the process of establishing a balance between the opposing forces.  Under this, the opposition ends upward for the present time but remains present internally.  Therefore, Summer has called it ‘protest-cooperation’ (counter-protest).  This can be understood by an example.  Conflict and tension arises between the mill worker and the mill owner, consequently the workers go on strike.  This stops production and the owner’s income.  The production does not stop, so the mill owners and the workers make a commitment in which both sides have transactions and both bring changes in their practices.  This whole process will be called adjustment.




 Characteristics Of Accomodation


  1. Adjustment is an organization social process.
  2. In adjustment, love and conflict are found simultaneously. Conflict and tension lead to conflict.  And there is also a feeling of love from the word.
  3. The method of adjustment varies according to the situation. The manner of compromise between two opponents varies according to time and requirement.
  4. The process of adjustment is conscious, because a person is ready to reconcile only after thinking, but its process also happens unconsciously.


  1. It is an always going process. Individuals and groups have to reconcile with every situation at all times.


  1. The process of adjustment is found in all the society. It is also found in religious, economic, political and social fields.



Types Of Accomodation


There are two types of adjustments.  Gillin and Gillin have discussed two forms of this

 Adjustments between similar groups – Adjustments to be made between similar groups and parties involve both parties to each other.  There is sacrifice from both sides.  This type of adjustment is most frequent in practical life.  In this type of adjustment, both opposing sides are equally powerful.  Such agreements occur at the family level.  Such an adjustment also occurs between two equal-status companies.

  Adjustment between unequal groups – In this type of adjustment, both sides are unequal.  In this, the other side is more or less than the one.  There is also a difference of means, power and status between them.  Preference in this adjustment: Only the weaker party has to accept the competitive group.  For example, agreement between servant and owner, agreement between aggressor and weak nation.  It has one and another and less than the other.


 Importance Of Accomodation


In the present era, the importance of adjustment has become very high.  By adjusting to a modern and complex society, the individual and the group harmonize in the society.  We are realizing the importance of adjustment in this way, through adjustment, the current resistance is eliminated and it helps to adapt in different areas of social life.  This reduced the winter and conflict found between different individuals and summons.  Become.  This develops a sense of cooperation among the people.  Desired in society by adjustment.  Change happens.  Adjustment is also necessary for economic progress.  All three save time, power and means to make adjustments.  They can be obtained at low cost due to the lower squeee of objects.  Thus, it is clear that through adjustment, the person and group come almost to the other person and group.


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