Automation Computerization New Technologies of Industrial Revolution

Automation Computerization New Technologies of Industrial Revolution 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Globalization:- When business can no longer have a local focus and management now recognizes the global char. This means that the business had a global orientation. Due to globalization- a) The globe has become almost like a village because of the best means of communication. … Read more

Knowledge Economy and Labour

Knowledge Economy and Labour 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Some observers have suggested that what is being alleged today is a transition to a new type of society that is no longer primarily based on industrialism. We are entering a phase of development completely beyond the Industrial Age. Various terms have been coined to describe this social … Read more

Economic Liberalization and Globalization

Economic Liberalization and Globalization 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Before we study the meaning of globalization, it is necessary to know the reason for studying globalization, which is a part of today’s modern world. In the pre-industrial stages every nation was interested in its own progress and development. In such a situation, international relations were very limited. … Read more

Trade Unions and Politics

Trade Unions and Politics 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS The universal principle that in isolation the individual is powerless and unable to effectively defend his interests and that strength and power lies in unity, union and collective action has its strongest expression in trade unionism. Labor has organized itself into associations and unions for self-protection as well … Read more

Industrial Conflict

Industrial Conflict 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Industrialization has also brought with it some new socio-economic problems. New divisions have emerged in the society. Industrial conflict arises when there are differences between employers and employees, between employers and workers, or between workers and workers. It is usually associated with terms of employment or non-employment, terms of employment … Read more

Personal Management Industrial Relations and Human Relations

Personal Management Industrial Relations and Human Relations 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Industrial relations have now become a part and parcel of the science of management, as they deal with the manpower of the enterprise. Hence they are closely related to personal management. Until recently there was no clear distinction between the usage of the terms “personnel … Read more

Industrial Harmony

Industrial Harmony 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS While industrial peace calls for both a negative approach, the attainment of industrial harmony essentially calls for a positive and constructive approach to the resolution of industrial disputes. Therefore, the Commission has declared ‘political bias; influence. This was necessary in view of the emerging multi-party governments in the country.   … Read more

Industrial Relations Nature of Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Industrial Relations: Nature of Conflict and Conflict Resolution 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS changing role of the state The concept of industrial relations has received wide attention in the modern industrial age. In fact, it has become a part of the factory system. In very simple words, we can say that industrial relations are related to the … Read more

Brief History of Industrial Labor in India

Brief History of Industrial Labor in India 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS writings on the history of Indian industrial labour, besides many cases on the process of westernisation, or Now more commonly called modernization, it also includes a mass of useful descriptive material on industrial labor recruitment, migration and living conditions, etc. The great transition was a … Read more

Gender and technology

 Gender and technology 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS   A distinctive feature of the economic system of modern societies is the development of a highly complex and diverse division of labour. The division of labor means that work is divided among different occupations that require specialization, a result of which is economic interdependence; We all depend on … Read more

Technology and employment

 Technology and employment 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Considered rapid growth and new technologies, especially those based on micro electronic, have brought about radical changes in people’s lives, they have also changed production conditions, organizational structures, behavior and employment trends While there are many studies of the impact of new technologies in developed nations, the problem faced … Read more

Work and technology

Work and technology 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Marx misjudged the extent of alienation between workers. The depth of alienation and frustration that Marx saw among the workers of his time is not found among the ordinary workers of today. Rapid thinking with meaningful informal grouping makes the intellectual power of the worker redundant and vanishes behind … Read more

Objectives of Informal Organization

Objectives of Informal Organization 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Workers have formal relations with higher officials but maintain informal relations with their fellow workers. Human relations approach encourages them to form informal groups and work for the organisation. Different schools of management also help managers to organize the process of production more effectively and successfully. The most … Read more

Formal Organization Structure and Change

Formal Organization: Structure and Change 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS All modern organizations are bureaucratic in nature to some degree. Bureaucracy is characterized by a clearly defined hierarchy of authority, written rules governing the conduct of officials (who work full-time for pay), and a separation between the official’s functions within the organization and life outside it. The … Read more

Economic Liberalization Multinational Companies and Small Business

Economic Liberalization Multinational Companies and Small Business 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS The new economic policy of India has increased the scope of business for multinational companies in India. But still their scope is limited   The new policy does not allow unrestricted entry into all areas of business as alleged by some critics. IT is criticized … Read more

Industry and Labor in India 

 Industry and Labor in India  2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Growth of industries and labor force. labor commitment Earlier studies of Indian industrial labor emphasized the inevitable consequences of introducing new technologies, their effects on a stable traditional society and institutions such as caste, village and joint family were assured to remain virtually unchanged for centuries until … Read more

Relationship of industry with other sub systems of society

 Relationship of industry with other sub-systems of society 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Industry is directly related to the public as they are the consumers, so the sale of a particular product depends on the quality or usefulness of the product. Its promises, assurances, prices are to be maintained for the satisfaction of the consumer.   Industry … Read more


Urbanization 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Concept: It is difficult to give a definite definition of a city. Broadly, it can be said that a city is a community of social differences where secondary groups, controls, industry and trade, dense population and impersonal relations predominate. Therefore, we can say that a city is such a public community … Read more


Industrialization 2022 SOCIOLOGY-COMPLETE SOLUTIONS   Industrialization can be both a cause and a result of urbanization. It is often seen that where industries flourish and machines are produced in big mills and factories, the process of urbanization is active there, many cities in India have developed in the same way. In this sense, industrialization is … Read more